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Crop diversity keeps bees buzzing happily | News - Eco-Business

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

South America, Africa and Asia had invested in vast monocultures grown for the global market: soy, for instance, exported to Europe as cattle feed, had risen by about 30 per cent per decade globally, at great cost to natural and semi-natural tropical and subtropical forests and meadows that might otherwise have provided the blooms that pollinators could turn to once the cash crop seeds and nuts had set. “The bottom line is that if you’re increasing pollinator crops, you also need to diversify crops and implement pollinator-friendly management,” said Professor Inouye. In a world of potentially catastrophic climate change, global food security is already a worry. Researchers have repeatedly warned that extremes of heat could slash yields and even precipitate global famine. They have warned that rapid ecosystem change could affect global food supplies and that rapid warming will accelerate the spread of crop pests and diseases. And even the shifts in the growing season – and in particular the earlier flowering each spring – may soon no longer be matched by the appearance of vital pollinators. Bees avoid cold Researchers in Japan report in the Proceedings of the Royal Society that they monitored the emergence of the flower Corydalis ambigua and its pollinator bumblebee in the forests of northern Japan for 19 years. The earlier the snowmelt, the earlier the flowering. And the earlier the snowmelt, the more likely it was that the flowers would emerge before the bumblebees, which hibernate underground until the soil temperatures reach 6°C, could begin looking for food and, in the course of doing so, pollinate the flower and set seed for the next generation. “Our study suggests the early arrival of spring increases the risk of disruption to the mutualism between plants and pollinators,” said Gaku Kudo, who led the research. “Studying how this phenological mismatch will affect the reproduction and survival of plants and insects could give us clues to the larger question of how global warming is affecting the overall ecosystem.”  This story was published with permission from Climate News Network. Thanks for reading to the end of this story! We would be grateful if you would consider joining as a member of The EB Circle. This helps to keep our stories and resources free for all, and it also supports independent journalism dedicated to sustainable development. For a small donation of S$60 a year, your help would make such a big difference. Find out more and join The EB Circle ...

On the Thuringia tourist trail - Inverness Courier

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

There is also the Duchess Anna Amalia library with more than a million books. Each October they hold an onion fair, elect an onion queen, and eat loads of dishes all full of onions! Eisenach Towering over the town is Wartburg Castle (the most German of castles, it is said) where Martin Luther translated the Bible into German. In the town there is the ancient Martin Luther house, and Bach’s house and museum.JS Bach’s house in the centre of Eisenach.It is a great town for inspiring musicians – Richard Wagner composed Tanhauser here. It has also produced cars for over 100 years, (Wartburg cars came from here amongst many others) and there is a museum of car manufacture. There is lots to see and many events held here throughout the year.A well cared for Wartburg car in Muhlhausen.Meiningen When you leave the railway station you immediately walk into the formal “Englisher Garten” with old ruins, trees, lawns, a lake with fountain and peace. This little town is a gem. It has a castle, which is a sprawl of a building, ornamental, not military at all. There is an important theatre with concerts, plays, opera, and performances throughout the year.Just one of the many lovely old buildings in Meiningen.The town is also famous for the railway workshop here. German railways kept steam locomotives going longer than us, and so the workshop kept the skills to serve them. Today it has an order book as long as your arm, repairing and building steam locomotives for the world. It can be visited too.Meiningen also claims to be the place where the Thuringian dumpling originated. These dumplings, in endless varieties, can be found on the menu everywhere.Jena This is “science city”. It is home to Germany’s optics industry, has the Abbe centre for Photonics, the Schiller University (dating from 1558), and the Karl Zeiss planetarium, the world’s oldest.The first planetarium, in science city Jena.It also boasts the world’s second-oldest botanical garden. With such a concentration of skilled industry, Jena suffered pretty badly in World War II, but has rebuilt. Today it is a bustling city, with m...

As Procter And Gamble Co (PG) Market Value Rose, Hugh Johnson Advisors Has Boosted by $369,304 Its Position; Tnb Financial Has Lowered Its Flowers Foods (FLO) Position by $871,395 as Shares Rose - CryptoCoinsTribune

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The stock increased 1.52% or $1.79 during the last trading session, reaching $119.18. About 7.66M shares traded or 0.26% up from the average. The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) has risen 47.18% since August 18, 2018 and is uptrending. It has outperformed by 47.18% the S&P500. Some Historical PG News: 18/04/2018 – Procter & Gamble Co expected to post earnings of 98 cents a share – Earnings Preview; 17/04/2018 – Cincinnati Business Courier: EXCLUSIVE: P&G manager joins Pure Romance to launch digital marketing; 11/04/2018 – Vicks® ZzzQuil™ Expands Offering with New Vicks ZzzQuil PURE Zzzs™ Melatonin Gummies; 16/04/2018 – PG ELECTROPLAST LTD PGEL.NS SAYS CO APPOINTED MAHABIR PRASAD GUPTA AS CFO; 19/04/2018 – Procter & Gamble Maintains Sees FY Organic Sales Growth 2%-3%; 19/04/2018 – P&G PG.N SAYS ANNOUNCED IT HAS SIGNED AN AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE CONSUMER HEALTH BUSINESS OF MERCK KGAA, DARMSTADT, GERMANY; 19/04/2018 – TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES LTD – NO SIGNIFICANT (MATERIAL) NET FINANCIAL TRANSFER BETWEEN TEVA AND P&G WILL RESULT FROM DISSOLUTION; 09/05/2018 – Cincinnati Business Courier: EXCLUSIVE: P&G-founded nonprofit moving to UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub; 22/03/2018 – CORRECTED-Derek Jeter’s Players’ Tribune expands into Europe; 13/03/2018 – Procter & Gamble Resolves Crest® Whitestrips Patent Infringement Dispute with Ranir Tnb Financial decreased its stake in Flowers Foods Inc (FLO) by 5.4% based on its latest 2019Q1 regulatory filing with the SEC. Tnb Financial sold 41,495 shares as the company’s stock rose 10.44% . The institutional investor held 726,416 shares of the consumer non-durables company at the end of 2019Q1, valued at $15.49M, down from 767,911 at the end of the previous reported qu...

5 facts about cannabis laws in Germany - DW (English)

Sunday, March 3, 2019

According to the pharmaceutical publication Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung, the number of patients receiving prescriptions has risen steadily since last year. Drug stores filled over 5,000 orders in the first four months of the year, with June booking some 2,213 prescriptions. Pharmacists prepared an estimated 10,600 remedies containing cannabis or unprocessed cannabis flowers. A further 12,500 finished medical products containing cannabis or cannabis extract were distributed. Despite the statistics available on prescriptions, the newspaper noted that it was not possible to assess how many people had benefited from the law. 5. Who wants to legalize cannabis? With consumption on the rise and Germanys law enforcement needed for more pressing security issues, politicians favoring decriminalization are taking aim at cannabis prohibition once again. The neoliberal FDP joined forces in February with both the Green Party and the Left Party to call attention back to what it says is an outdated and dangerous attitude toward marijuana. Pointing to the widespread use of the drug by at least 4 million Germans, says the FDP the trio want the government to legalize regulation of cannabis for private consumption. This, they say, would protect adult consumers from a product laced with other harmful chemicals. FDP, Green and Left lawmakers want to bring the legalization debate back to parliament They also argue that buying pot on the black market not only stigmatizes ordinary citizens preventing them from seeking help if they need it but also increases the odds that they will buy harder drugs. Introducing cannabis shops would eliminate this risk and prevent minors from buying pot. The trade union representing Germany's criminologists has echoed these calls, describing the current law as "neither intelligent, nor constructive." Ang...

Assumption of 2019 is a holiday? What is the Festival? - Celeb's Net

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Almost all the States go at 15. August 2019 blank and must work - with only two exceptions. The complete Saarland is of the assumption a public holiday. And also in many Parts of Bavaria it is so. To a shortened work week can look forward to those who work in a city with a largely Catholic population. When in a Bavarian village more Protestants live as Catholics, there is the assumption, however, is not a holiday. Of the 2056 Bavarian municipalities, the 352 concerns. The definition is based on the results of the census in the year 2011. Thereafter, a legal holiday in the big cities of Munich, Augsburg, Würzburg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt is in 1704 by 2056 Bavarian municipalities of the assumption. A non-working day of the assumption is also for all the inhabitants of upper Bavaria and lower Bavaria. A holiday mood prevails in 96 per cent of the upper Palatinate, municipalities, and 87 percent of the Franconian cities and towns, while in large Parts of Central and upper Franconia normal working day. Where in Bavaria assumption of the virgin Mary a holiday? And if you live in Bavaria, and now are unsure of whether the assumption is a public holiday, or whether your municipality has a predominantly Catholic population? Also then you can be helped. On there's a handy search function to municipalities, so that everyone can easily check his place of residence. feast of the assumption: the meaning of the Christian Festival Catholics celebrate the holiday, which is officially called “the assumption of Mary“, with Church services and herbal blessings: It is to be blessed to bouquets tied herbs. In addition, there are numerous festive processions. Mary as Queen, which is taken up into heaven - an image that adorns countless churches, especially in Bavaria. feast of the assumption churches, the Catholic and the Orthodox is the highest celebration in honor of the mother of God. It is probably one...

Grandpa Ott’s Fabulous Flowers -

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The seeds for the family’s prized vines were brought by Diane’s great-grandparents when they sailed across the Atlantic from Bavaria. Her grandfather, Grandpa Ott, nurtured the plants and taught Diane to save the seeds. In 1974 when Grandpa Ott passed on, Diane and her husband Ken were the only people in possession of his seeds. Diane and Ken are the founders of the Seed Savers Exchange. Their efforts have made Grandpa Ott’s morning glories an heirloom favorite.Morning glories are easy to grow. They like full sun, good drainage and amended soil. Easy on the fertilizer or you will have more plant than flowers. Plant in early spring after the last frost and your plants should thrive until the first winter frost.The easiest way to plant them is by seed. To achieve quick germination, use a nail file to file down a spot on the hard exterior and then soak the seeds in warm water overnight. Plant your seeds as per the package instructions at ½ inch depth, keeping the soil moist for both the seeds and the seedlings. The plants should germinate in 15 to 21 days.Morning glories love to climb. Arches, fences, trellises, poles, mailboxes, and other plants (including your tomato plants, she sighed) become a morning glory’s stairway to heaven. Assess your planting site and envision the vines using your neighbor’s Italian cypress as a step stool. It would be beautiful with those flowers popping out behind that foliage but the neighbor might not agree. Two things, different varieties vine at different lengths with Grandpa Ott’s at about 10 to 12 feet. Secondly, if you don’t like them in that spot they are easy to pull out. Small root systems just slide right out of moist soil.There is an old walnut tree on Albers Road outside of Hughson that is covered with light blue-colored morning glories. It is a sight to behold. Patriotic displays are easy to achieve using red, white, and blue morning glories planted together. Awesome for a...

King Ludwig's refuge: Rose Island on Lake Starnberg - Deutsche Welle

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rendezvous with the fairy-tale king Lake Starnberg and the Rose Island are famous as places of refuge to which Ludwig II regularly withdrew. On the then private island of the Bavarian royal house, he received only selected guests such as the Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna or the composer Richard Wagner. The most frequent visitor, however, was his cousin Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Let's block ads! (Why?)...

A German village goes it alone on climate protection - DW (English)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The local grocery store in Grafenaschau looks like most other buildings in the tiny Bavarian village. It has a large pitched roof with broad eaves and is half timber, half stone. The style is as typical as lederhosen, wheat beer and white sausage in this particular part of Germany. "It's Alpine but not 'yodel style.' We didn't want it to be really over-the-top Bavarian," jokes Hubert Mangold, as he heartily greets people on his way into the store. He's diplomatically referring to kitschier houses with brightly painted shutters, where everything's just a bit too much. But it's not just the style of the building that reflects the strong sense of custom and regional identity in the southern German state of Bavaria. Most of the products on offer are from nearby and are produced organically using traditional methods. Dressed casually in denim shorts and a plaid shirt, Mangold, who is the local mayor, points out locally sourced "hay-milk," schnapps and liquor from a nearby distillery, regional, in-season fruit and vegetables, and "in demand" traditionally milled flour. "We...