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Welcome to Germany flower directory website. Our goal is to have the most complete trusted local florist network in Germany that offer best quality flowers, best value and overall experience. Find local flower shop contact information and purchase a perfect flower arrangement for delivery to any German town. Browse by state and city or enter recipient’s zip code in the search input field above for easy navigation.

Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion. Wish your friend a Happy Birthday with a colorful mixed flowers bouquet. Surprise your loved one with perfect red roses that truly express all you have to say. Congratulate surprise and thank the people in your life with beautiful fresh flowers that will brighten any room and warm their hearts. In the time of grief and loss, flowers can convey your deepest sympathies and honor those who have passed away. Funerals and sympathy flower arrangements are designed to be appropriate for funeral service delivery to church and funeral homes.

While birthday is the top occasion throughout the year followed by weddings and funerals for buying flowers, major holidays such as Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Easter contribute to spikes in the florist industry. Send flowers to Germany for Mother’s Day and Valentine's Day using this floral directory.

With the age of the internet, ordering and sending flowers is only a click away and you can place your order 24 hours a day. Looking for last minute gift? Have an unexpected event? Well, same day delivery is available by most florists in Germany. Florists also deliver plants, gift baskets, teddy bears, fruits baskets, chocolates and balloons.

Germany Flower Shop News

Fossils show butterflies appeared on Earth before flowers - Daily Mail

Exquisite wing fossils reveal the world's first butterflies appeared 200 million years ago, long BEFORE there were flowers on Earth to pollinateMoths and butterflies were thought to have evolved alongside flowers However, the world's first flowers sprouted around 140 million years agoThis suggests moths and butterflies emerged before flowers appeared Scientists say they must have developed coiled mouthparts for a purpose other than feeding on nectarBy Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline Published: 14:48 GMT, 11 January 2018 Updated: 15:30 GMT, 11 January 2018 Newly-found fossils suggest moths and butterflies have been on Earth for at least 200 million years - at least 70 million years longer than previously thought.Scales from the wings of at least seven species of 'Lepidoptera' - the group that includes moths and butterflies - were found in a sample of ancient rock in Germany. As well as pushing back the date for the emergence of Lepidoptera, the discovery proves that b...

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Organic edible flowers in pots: maximized freshness at one's fingertips - FreshPlaza

The concept is to offer not only edible flowers and edible organic products, but also an entire plant that will reproduce itself if handled with appropriate care. This will maximize the plant's freshness at the time of harvest, without the need of further packaging. The concept of organic edible flowers in pots was launched for the first time on a commercial level on Friday 7 September 2018 in occasion of the "International Exhibition of Organic and Natural (Sana)" and it was immediately a huge success. Tito Livio, one of the owners of Li.Pa. Piantine said, "The unexpected success of this concept was already reached during the first hours of the fair. The seedlings are developed on a seasonal basis. The queen of this winter will be the violet, followed by the primrose. In spring the snapdragon, the carnation and the New Guinea Impatiens will be made available, among many others. The prospects are excellent, especially after this year's important production". Stefano Gaia, Tito Livio a...

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Blue botanical food colour with spirulina and butterfly pea flowers -

A selection of #mermaid foods on Instagramtoo. As a result, colours, particularly natural colours, are receiving greater attention."​A tea made with the dried flowers of the butterfly pea plant (Clitoria ternatea, ​also known as blue pea flowers)​ is a popular herbal drink in south-east Asia with a bright blue, pH sensitive colour that changes to purple with the addition of lemon juice.Slightly better known is spirulina, a blue-green filamentous cyanobacteria (algae) that occurs naturally in freshwater and marine habitats.Blue spirulina has already made its way into beverages – French start-up Smart Chimps antioxidant coconut water, Belgiums B Blue or London-based Press blue lemonade are just some examples – and Schofield predicts spirulina lattes could overtake golden lattes, made with curcumin or turmeric, in the popularity stakes.Health halo​The popularity of spirulina and butterfly pea flowers also draws upon their botanical origins.Mintel ident...

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