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Jupiter area community obituaries - TCPalm

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

TCPalmJupiter area community obituariesTCPalmBut he did, after serving in security at the war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany, and the two were married in 1946. They had three children: John, ... 400 Seabrook Road, Tequesta. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a charity of one's own ...

This football star left his final game at halftime to go to war. He's one of 10 NC service members we remember. - News & Observer

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

ObserverBack home in Johnston County, her family started a small garden in her memory, asking for bulbs and seeds rather than cut flowers for a funeral. So many .... She traveled to Germany for the Nuremberg trials, helping to prosecute former Nazis. Shortly ...http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article211581379.html

England return from Germany trip - ESPN

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Graeme Swann or Kevin Pietersen during the trip. They have spent the last few days near Nuremberg taking part in mental and physical challenges including boxing, hiking and abseiling.The trip was rounded off on Tuesday by a visit to the memorial site at Dachau, the first of Hitler's concentration camps where more than 40,000 people died during the twelve years of its existence from 1933-1945."Following our trip to Flanders last year, this was an opportunity for the players to spend time away from the cricketing environment, learn more about the wider world and develop ourselves both individually and collectively," Andrew Strauss, the England captain, said. "It was a tough but rewarding five days and I know every player has gained greater insight into themselves, their own team environment and environments outside cricket."The visit to Ypres before last year's Ashes didn't go without a few hitches as Andrew Flintoff missed the team bus one morning while Ravi Bopara forgot his passport and neither incident went down well with the team management. So far, at least, this latest expedition appears to have gone smoothly.Having completed an arduous season last Wednesday, when they secured the one-day series against Pakistan with victory at the Rose Bowl, the players weren't thrilled with the prospect of the secret trip, but can now put their feet up for a few weeks before the squad comes back together ahead of leaving for Australia on October ...http://www.espn.com/cricket/story/_/id/22513420/england-return-germany-trip

Arnstadt - a German gem

Friday, October 13, 2017

Thuringia. It has been inhabited at least since 4,000 BC, according to the archaeologists. It was an important town, on trading routes. The main route, from Erfurt to Nuremberg came through here, and the travellers would need to change horses, stay the night, sell their wares, and buy supplies for the journey. It was, and still is, on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, which brings more travellers to the town.  The town square (which is anything but square!) has ancient inns and houses all round it.The controversial statue of J.S.Bach in Arnstadt’s market place Strolling on you will come across another wee market place, selling flowers and plants when I was there, and in the middle of the stalls is a life size statue of J.S.Bach. The Bach family, which was quite large and extended, appear all over Thuringia, and there are many statues to the most famous one, Johan Sebastian, but this statue is controversial. When he came to Arnstadt in 1703, he was just 18. He came to test the new organ and was given the post of organist. The statue shows him without a wig, as a young man, lounging against a pillar, with his right hand outstretched as if about to play the organ, while his left hand points away towards Mühlhausen, where he was to go next in 1707. All other statues that I have seen show him as a stout older man with a fierce wig. The Bach church is an unusual church. It sits to one side of the market place, unassuming and sturdy. Inside it is totally different. There is light, bright paintwork, plain (as you would expect post Reformation) with two tiers of seating in a “U” shape facing the pulpit, and a barrel shaped roof. There is a modern organ, and the famous one used by Bach, although, of course, it has had to be rebuilt and repaired over the years.The interior of the BachkirkeHere I met the current organist, Jürg Reddin, a man with immense talent and skill. To start with he played the modern organ, which was impressive, the acoustics of the church are fine, and the music filled the space. Then we climbed up to the old organ – and what a difference. The sound flowed all around you, with a depth and volume that made you tingle. Jürg played some music that Bach had composed while he was there. Then he played some that Bach composed later, after he had been exposed to other teachers and musicians. Even to someone unknowledgeable as me, the difference was immediately noticeable. The later music was much deeper, complex and fulfilling.Jürg really is a master of that ancient organ. The original keyboard is in the town museum, the current one is a replica. The stops are huge. He played a piece that he made up on the spot, and also suddenly played a Nightingale singing. We plunged into the back of the massive organ and he showed me the small metal bath with three different small pipes in it. The pipes play into the water in the bath and this...http://www.bing.com/news/apiclick.aspx?ref=FexRss&aid=&tid=0064EAAE190E467C89363253FA4FE1D4&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.northern-scot.co.uk%2fFeatures%2fTravel%2fArnstadt-a-German-gem-13102017.htm&c=11658723738048306618&mkt=en-us

What's in a Home? - CityLab

Friday, April 13, 2018

He was astonished by Peru’s diversity, both in terms of geography and inhabitants, as he traveled around the country.Thomas Dworzak travelled around the world—Bavaria, Georgia, Iran—to capture the places he had called home: places that he says still burn within him. Of Tblisi, Georgia, in particular, Dworzak wrote in the forward to his photo set, “I force myself away for longer periods but am sure to always come back. And still, I will always remain a foreigner…I think I will never gain the same level of understanding, the language, the dialect, the humor, than whenever I return to visit my father in that place I left so desperately 30 years ago.” Dworzak photographed his father in the Bavarian village from which he was deported as a child; his wife in Tehran; his friends in Tblisi. While Dworzak also included images of location and scenery, it is clear that, for him, home is haunted by the people who inhabit it.It is impossible for “home” to be interpreted exactly the same way by different people, influenced as we are by entirely different things: the way light strikes the wall of our favorite diner, the curve of our grandmother’s cheek, the way it feels to walk the same street for years. But the book proves that there are many ways to think about a home, and even more ways to visualize it.Home is available for purchase at the Magnum shop.

Keukenhof Gardens: Discover a wealth of flowers - United States Army

Friday, April 13, 2018

Dutch growers and a wealth of flowers, sorted by color. The Keukenhof, translated to Kitchen Garden, owes its name to Countess Jacoba van Beieren (Jaqueline of Bavaria), who had a castle at this location in the 15th century. She stayed there very often, because the area provided good hunting grounds. Herbs and vegetables were grown in the yard for her kitchen and these have given way to more colorful plants and flowers. Over six million flower bulbs provide beautiful scenic spots throughout the park. Large flower palaces are filled with oceans of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and smaller varieties of their species as well as orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and many more flowers. As the season progresses, the emphasis shifts to different groups of flowers. It is a display of colors and an overwhelming perfume.Endless varieties of tulips can be seen most of the time, but the best time to view them is mid-April. Other flowers bloom again at a different time. However, the park is always a colorful sight. The flower shops in the park can actually mail flower bulbs to the U.S. for customers.The park is open only in the spring time. This year, you can visit from March 22 to May 23. The Keukenhof is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Ticket office closes at 6 p.m. Entry is €16 for adults and €8 for children age 4 to 11. Keukenhof is easy to reach via the A4 (exit Nieuw-Vennep) and the A44 (exit 3 Lisse). Follow the Keukenhof s...

Brautmode und Abendmode von Brautmoden Tegernsee

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Maßanfertigungen.Die eigenen Brautmoden- und Accessoirekollektionen und Maßanfertigungen werden in der integrierten Manufaktur aus hochwertigen Stoffen und Materialien handgefertigt – Made in Bavaria. Zu den umfangreichen Brautserviceleistungen gehören neben einer ausführlichen professionellen Beratung in entspannter Atmosphäre auch ein Änderungs- und Individualisierungsservice. Brautkleider und Brautdirndl können nach den Vorstellungen der Braut entworfen und angefertigt werden oder das ausgewähltes Brautkleid kann zusätzlich individualisiert werden. Die Accessoires und der Schmuck werden auf Wunsch auf das Styling abgestimmt und in der eigenen Manufaktur handgefertigt. Die Brautausstattung wird so zu einem unvergleichlichen Unikat.Jedes Brautdirndl ein Unikat. Dirndleria® by Tali Amoo.Die Brautdirndl der Marke Dirndleria® by Tali Amoo werden auf Wunsch nach den Wünschen und Vostellungen der Kundin entworfen und mit Liebe zum Detail in der eigenen Manufaktur handgefertigt. Verwendet werden nur hochwertige Stoffe und Materialien. Jedes Brautdirndl ist dann ein edles Unikat. Es ist, genau wie die Trägerin, einmalig und unterstreicht ihre Persönlichkeit. Eine exklusive Besonderheit ist die zusätzliche nur bei Brautmoden Tegernsee erhältliche Individualisierung Glockenrüsche® by Tali Amoo, mit der die Dirndl und auch die Unterwäsche nochmals veredelt und individualisiert werden können.Abendmode von Brautmoden Tegernsee.Abendkleider, Ballkleider, Abiballkleider und Galakleider werden bei Brautmoden Tegernsee in der Manufaktur individuell entworfen und gefertigt. Die Maßanfertigungen sind unverwechselbare Unikate, so individuell wie ihre Trägerin.Seit dem Frühjahr 2018 führt Brautmoden Tegernsee die Abendkleidkollektionen von Christian Koehlert Paris. In der Kollektion werden von edel-klassisch bis glamourös-exklusiv hochwertige in verschiedenen Ausführungen erhältliche Abendkleider angebotenExklusive Serviceleistungen von Brautmoden Tegernsee.Brautmoden Tegernsee bietet für die Braut einen umfassenden exklusiven Premiumservice. Dieser Brautservice beinhaltet eine umfassende professionelle Beratung in entspannter Atmosphäre und ohne Zeitdruck. Das ausgewählte Traumkleid kann in der eigenen Manufaktur nach den Vorstellungen der Kundin geändert, angepasst, veredelt und individualisiert werden. Maßgeschneiderte Unikatkleider und eigene Kollektionen werden ebenfalls in der Brautmodenmanufaktur ...http://www.bing.com/news/apiclick.aspx?ref=FexRss&aid=&tid=AB1841C69D684A6BB9AE4108445FCE7C&url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.inar.de%2fbrautmode-und-abendmode-von-brautmoden-tegernsee%2f&c=5570751975389521761&mkt=de-de

5 facts about cannabis laws in Germany - Deutsche Welle

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The trade union representing Germany's criminologists has echoed these calls, describing the current law as "neither intelligent, nor constructive."Angela Merkel’s CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, remain stark opponents of legalizing, as does the far-right po...http://www.dw.com/en/5-facts-about-cannabis-laws-in-germany/a-42709969