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From Ghent to the Ganges, the cruises sailing down the world's greatest rivers with lectures, fine food and even ...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Of The Beautiful Danube cruise will take you to three capitals – Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest – and you'll explore other historic gems and sail through eye-popping scenery. Starting in Nuremberg, Brabant's first call is Regensburg, nicknamed 'Germany's medieval miracle' for its preserved buildings. From Linz you could take a trip to Salzburg, popular with fans of The Sound Of Music and Mozart, or stay in town and have a slice of linzertorte in a cosy cafe. Enjoy the dramatic beauty of the countryside from the observation lounge or the deck as you sail through the Wachau Valley and the loops of Schlogener Schlinge. Brabant departs Nuremberg for a seven-night voyage to Budapest on April 26, 2019. fredolsencruises.com, 0800 035 5242. There will be more opportunities to explore the far reaches of the Ganges from December when Pandaw relocates three vessels from Burma to IndiaMaking her debut next year, Emerald Harmony is the first 'Star-Ship' from Emerald Waterways on the Mekong. Smaller than her European sisters, with only 42 cabins and suites – plus a swimming pool with retractable roof that converts to a cinema – Harmony will be nimble enough to sail into Ho Chi Minh City. A one-week cruise will show you the contrasts between busy Vietnam and slower-paced Cambodia, as well as temples, pagodas and colonial-era French architecture. You can be on the inaugural cruise as part of a 23-day Grand Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia departing on August 20, 2019. emeraldwaterways.co.uk, 0808 115 6269.River cruises are an ideal way to sightsee with the minimum of physical effort, but there are lots of ways to stretch your legs on an Active Discovery on the Rhine itinerary, new for this year. Join a jogging tour in Amsterdam, a run round Cologne, hikes in the forests around Duisburg and through the vineyards of Eltville, and guided bike rides through the German countryside. Departures are still available for this year, and from May to October 2019. avaloncruises.co.uk, 0330 058 8291.There will be more opportunities to explore the far reaches of the Ganges from December when Pandaw relocates three vessels from Burma to India. Pandaw boats are small but powerful and have a shallow draft, allowing them to navigate remote and narrow tributaries. RV Orient Pandaw, the pride of the fleet of boutique boats, has a spa and 30 cabins, each with a veranda, and will sail the Lower Ganges. One-week cruises from Calcutta will take in remnants of French, Dutch and British colonial rule, temples and the Hazaduari Palace. pandaw.com, 020 8396 7320. Advertisement ...https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-6133353/From-Ghent-Ganges-cruises-sailing-worlds-greatest-rivers.html

You're never too old: Mansfield man bikes 100 miles across southern Germany at age 91

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Alps aren't too far away. O'Neill, his oldest son and his daughter-in-law, arrived a few days early. They rented a car in Frankfurt and drove south to Nuremberg to attend a wedding. O'Neill said he was impressed by the cleanliness of Germany. "Everything's so neat, flowers everywhere, gardens," he said, adding the farmlands are pristine. O'Neill's tour group, which included five people from England and two from Australia, averaged 20 miles a day. A support wagon was on hand to provide lunch in the idyllic countryside. After a full day of biking, O'Neill didn't get a massage or take an ice bath. All he needed was a good night's sleep. More: 72 years after graduation, Mansfield Senior classmates meet monthly At 91, he was the oldest person the tour guide had ever taken on the ride. The previous record holder was "only" 83. There were many highlights to the trip. O'Neill pointed to seeing the ornate churches, touring a castle and taking a cable car to the top of a mountain in Oberammergau. He said the main feature of each of the towns was a cathedral. O'Neill loved the quaintness of the cobblestone roads. He and his family even had an extra day to explore Munich. O'Neill described the city of 3.5 million people as "cosmopolitan." Christine Prah, O'Neill's daughter, went on the trip despite having arthroscopic knee surgery only three weeks before. "Not only was it an amazing trip ... to be able to do it with family was a great experience," she said. Prah said she thought it was "pretty incredible" her father was able to make the trip. Despite all the biking, O'Neill gained 3 pounds during his adventure. He blamed the extra weight on the lavish breakfasts served at his hotel. More: Mansfield's McDonald inducted into Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame After being gone for almost a week, O'Neill said he was ready to come home. He lives with his friendly poodle-mix Dusty on the southeast side of Mansfield. He lost his wife of 63 years, Mildred, about three years ago. O'Neill said he has five adult kids, 15 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Prah said she has always looked up to her father. "He's always been a good example for all of his kids and grandchildren for how to live your life and to never stop doing things, too," she said. His family is already talking about the next bike tour. "I said, 'OK, but pick a flat one this time,'" O'Neill said. mcaudill@gannett.com 419-521-7219 Twitter: @MNJCaudill ...https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2018/08/21/91-year-old-mansfield-man-bikes-100-miles-across-southern-germany/985348002/

German state fails completely in NSU case

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Abdulkerim Şimşek, son of Enver Şimşek who was the first victim of the NSU as he was killed in front of his flower stand in the German city of Nuremberg, is born and raised in Germany. Abdulkerim's fluent German is evidently better than his Turkish. Despite being a "well-integrated" German as he is, Abdulkerim's trust in the German justice system is in tatters."They claim that Germany is a state of law but it is nowhere close, this trial has proved me this. We were born and raised here. Our trust has long been damaged yet from now on we do not believe in the German justice system," he said. Mehmet Daimagüler, a lawyer for one of the victims, is of Turkish origin. Daimagüler, too, argues that the case was all but a judicial success."The resolution [of the case] does not end today, we have to assume that there are other accomplices and accomplices of the accomplices who are at large," he said. For some, German rule of law bore its fruits on Wednesday after a very lengthy process. For the Turkish community in Germany and Ankara, the reality is far from it. Ali Kemal Aydın, the Turkish Ambassador to Berlin, said in a pause during the trial that the verdict did not relieve the conscience of the families of the victims."This case is not closed," he vowed. From the very beginning of the NSU murders, t...https://www.dailysabah.com/feature/2018/07/13/german-state-fails-completely-in-nsu-case

A brief history of German neo-Nazi group NSU

Thursday, August 2, 2018

German state. September 2000 Mundlos and Boehnhardt kill Enver Simsek, a flower seller of Turkish origin, in the southern city of Nuremberg. He is the first of nine men with migrant backgrounds killed by the NSU. January 2001 A bomb disguised as a Christmas present explodes in an Iranian family's grocery store in the western city of Cologne, seriously injuring the owners' daughter. June 2001 Abdurrahim Ozudogru, a Turkish tailor, is shot dead in his store in Nuremberg. Days later, Turkish grocer Suleyman Taskopru is killed in Hamburg. August 2001 Turkish grocer Habil Kilic is killed in Munich. February 2004 Mehmet Turgut, who runs a Turkish kebab restaurant in the northern city of Rostock, is shot dead. June 2004 23 people are injured, some seriously, when a bomb packed with 800 nails explodes on a busy shopping street in Cologne frequented by migrants. June 2005 Turkish restaurant owner Ismail Yasar is shot dead in Nuremberg. Days later, Theodoros Boulgarides, who recently opened a key-cutting store in Munich, is shot dead. April 2006 Mehmet Kubasik, who runs a kiosk in the western city of Dortmund, is killed. Two days later Halit Yozgat is shot dead in his internet cafe in the central city of Kassel. April 2007 Police officer Michele Kiesewetter is killed in Heilbronn. Her colleague is seriously injured. Their firearms are stolen. November 2011 After robbing a bank in the central city of Eisenach, Mundlos and Boehnhardt are found dead in a camper van in an apparent murder-suicide. Zschaepe sets fire to their hideout in the nearby town of Zwickau and mails videos featuring a Pink Panther cartoon character to the media in which the NSU claims responsibility for the killings. July 2012 The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency, Heinz Fromm, resigns following a public outcry over his agency's shredding of documents related to the...http://www.tampabay.com/a-brief-history-of-german-neo-nazi-group-nsu-ap_world3d1631f7210641a8829f88373565d674

From Oktoberfest in Munich to Morocco's Oasis, partake in local festivities as you discover a new destination

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Oktoberfest is commonly associated as a beer fest with locally brewed beverage stealing the spotlight. Although, beer remains its essence, it actually reflects the culture of Bavarian food, clothes and traditions. Over the years, Munich has changed the stereotype of being associated with just food and drinks; the festival has a Ferris Wheel, rollercoaster's, games and traditional Bavarian parade to set the fun quotient soaring. So it's not just about clanking of mugs, Oktoberfest is a well-rounded attraction to your visit to Germany with family too. If you are here to enjoy the true essence of the fest, make sure to catch the official opening ceremonies. At noon, the Mayor of Munich taps open the barrel, officially flagging off the party. Visitors then begin to quench their thirst. While booking for the Oktoberfest begins months in advance, it is recommended to get here early if you intend to secure a good spot in one of the tents. Trivia: The beer mugs, called steins are much sought-after souvenirs during Oktoberfest. But they actually belong to the property of the respective landlords. Ever tent has macho, bouncer type security guards who look out for people trying to steal the mugs. LUXURY AND RUSTIC DESERT CHARM ROLLED IN ONE Region: Marrakech Dont miss: Oasis When: September 14 - 16, 2018 Make sure to visit iconic monuments such as Edround considered as Gate to the Sahara Desert.Oasis, the ongoing three-day festival held in Morocco, seeks to heighten the dessert landscape of Morocco further on. In its second addition this exotic, sun-soaked techno fest is a thrilling addition to the music calendar. Hosted in the Moroccan capital, Marrakech, it featured Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien and Jeff Mills in the first edition along with the emerging stars of the underground. The festival is a perfect destination of discerning electronic music fans. Music aside, the festival's enviable location offers enough opportunity to kick back on a sun-lounger in between performances. No trip to Marrakech can be complete without a trip to a souk. Sample ...https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/travel/from-oktoberfest-in-munich-to-moroccos-oasis-partake-in-local-festivities-as-you-discover-a-new-destination/articleshow/65767084.cms

Inside Prince Konstantin of Bavaria's wedding to Deniz Kaya

Thursday, September 13, 2018

I do'. The latest in royal weddings is the union of Germany's Prince Konstantin of Bavaria and Deniz Kaya, who first met in London in 2012. The groom, who is the son of Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria, wed his bride, a Turkish interior designer, in a wedding set at St. Moritzs Eglise au Bois church in Switzerland. The bride wore a long-sleeved ivory lace dress and while the designer is currently unknown, it is already drawing comparisons to Meghan Markle's gown due to the bateau neckline. The bride arrived at the church with her father, Metin Kaya, carrying a small bouquet of white flowers. She accessorised with a full-length veil and diamond earrings. She wore natural make-up and had her hair in an elegant low bun. The guest list included members of high society and European royalty, including Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and his wife Princess Sofia of Sweden (above and below). Other guests included actress Mafalda Millies, Ludvig Andersson, the son of ABBA's Benny Andersson, and of course, the groom's royal brothers and sisters. ...https://www.vogue.com.au/brides/trends/inside-prince-konstantin-of-bavarias-wedding-to-deniz-kaya/image-gallery/befa4c4cab90f1a1f97ab1c6c913d436

Germany's churches warn against upsurge in racism

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Thomas Sternberg, described the AfD as an extreme right party and called on all free and democratic forces to resist it ahead of by-elections in Bavaria and Hesse. The head of Germans lay people Catholics did not hesitate to draw a parallel with the Nazi Party, which came to power by the ballot in the last phase of the Weimar Republic. While denouncing the demonization of immigration, Thomas Sternberg also recognized the need to set economic, social and societal limits for immigration. Exploring these limits, particularly to be able to ensure the necessary protection for those who need it, is an enormous challenge for our society, Sternberg said, wondering at the reasons why some Germans felt abandoned. However, he added: I think a democratic state can overcome all that. Dignity at the heart of social consensus In late August, at the heart of the Chemnitz riots, the president of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany, Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, also warned German voters against the AfD. Those who vote for the AfD need to know that they are giving legitimacy to forces that go all the way to the extreme right and which use Nazi slogans, he said. Repositioning human dignity at the heart of the social consensus, the head of Germanys Protestants urged those who see themselves as Christians to seize the opportunity of the upcoming elections to send a clear signal against such slogans. https://international.la-croix.com/news/germanys-churches-warn-against-upsurge-in-racism/8381

Princess Sofia of Sweden Looked Straight Out of a Fairytale at Prince Konstantin of Bavaria's Royal Wedding

Thursday, September 13, 2018

There was another royal wedding over the weekend, and we can't stop gushing over how amazing Princess Sofia of Sweden looked at the event.Prince Konstantin of Bavaria married Deniz Kaya in St. Moritz in Switzerland on Saturday, and the event was nothing short of picturesque. The bride wore a long-sleeve ivory lace gown, and pulled her hair into a low chignon to show off her delicate veil. Her makeup was simple and natural-looking, a la Meghan Markle's for her big day, and the most statement making part of her look was a pair of large diamond earrings.After the ceremony, the Prince and Princess of Bavaria were showered in confetti by adorable page boys and flower girls, who wore blue-and-white floral print dresses and crowns made of fresh flowers. According The Daily Mail, the celebration continued at a lavish reception and dinner in the nearby town of Engadine.Gisela SchoberThe guest list was reportedly just as glamorous as the backdrop for the big day, and included a number of members of the royal family and European high society. Per usual, Princess Sofia of Sweden brought her outfit A-game, and looked chic as ever in the perfect end-of-summer wedding guest dress. She wore a floor-length baby blue gown with short sleeves, which gave off seriou...https://www.brides.com/story/princess-sofia-of-sweden-looked-straight-out-of-a-fairytale-at-prince-konstantin-of-bavarias-royal-wedding