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Brautmode und Abendmode von Brautmoden Tegernsee

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Das Brautatelier Brautmoden Tegernsee mit integrierter Manufaktur im romantisch gelegenen Tegernsee bietet Brautkleider und Abendkleider führender Hersteller wie Lohrengel, Trés Chic, Brinkmann by Trés Chic, Bianco Evento und Christian Koehlert Paris, sowie eine eigene Brautmodenkollektion der Modekünstlerin Tali Amoo, Brautaccessoires und Brautschmuck. Exklusive Brautdirndl der Marke Dirndleria® by Tali Amoo, die auf Wunsch individuell entworfen und gefertigt werden, ergänzen die Kollektion. Geführt werden die Größen 32 bis 62, sowie individuelle Maßanfertigungen.Brautkleider von edel-schlicht bis romantisch-luxeriös.In romantisch-entspannter Kulisse bietet Brautmoden Tegernsee zauberhafte Brautmode von edel-schlicht über klassisch bis romantisch und luxuriös oder auch im Vintage Style. Brautmoden Tegernsee führt Brautkleider verschiedener Hersteller wie Lohrengel, Trés Chic, Brinkmann by Trés Chic und Bianco Evento, sowie eigene exklusive Kollektionen wie Brautkleider by Tali Amoo, handgefertigte Brautdirndl de...http://www.bing.com/news/apiclick.aspx?ref=FexRss&aid=&tid=AB1841C69D684A6BB9AE4108445FCE7C&url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.inar.de%2fbrautmode-und-abendmode-von-brautmoden-tegernsee%2f&c=5570751975389521761&mkt=de-de

The Dandelion Windfall - Canada Free Press

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Guess what: it could turn into a real windfall for you!Dandelion ButterAs you may not know yet, I grew up in the “Land of Happy Cows” (LOHCs), i.e. the western part of southern Bavaria. In spring, the meadows there are a solid yellow with flowering dandelion plants. They are so abundant that the butter and cheese produced from the cows grazing in those fields develop a decidedly yellow color, caused by the chemical known as “beta-carotene.” It’s related to the orange color-producing substance in carrots, hence its name.Believe me, after a long winter of having to live on hay from last year’s harvests, when the season turns to spring and the dandelions are blooming, the cows are really happy then. They take to the solidly dandelion-yellow meadows in force and produce plenty of milk that is the source of the then (once again) yellow butter.For decades, the European Union countries, collectively produced a “butter mountain,” meaning a large excess that could not be consumed there. But this could change soon, when butter turns to rubber (don’t take it literally).But first to Traditional RubberAs you may know, upon injury of the leaves or bark, a variety of plants exude a viscous milky white liquid that tends to polymerize on contact with air into a rubbery blob. Of course, that’s the way much of the world’s natural rubber came into existence and is still an important agricultural product to this day. The plant that has been the source of much of the world’s “latex” that, upon exposure to air, turns into raw rubber, known as kautchuk, or caoutchouc, or India rubber, is the “rubber tree” (Hevea brasiliensis, Euphorbiaceae).Native to South America, the rubber tree was introduced to South and South-East Asia well over one-hundred years ago and that region now produces much of the world’s raw rubber.Now, to Synthetic RubberIn WWII, when the demand for rubber products increased sharply and (Germany’s) access to the natural product became limited, chemists developed the synthetic rubber, then known as Buna rubber. Its basic constituent is the small molecule isoprene that can be polymerized into rubber of excellent properties. In fact, much of today’s car tires and many other rubber products rely on that synthetic material, both for c...https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-dandelion-windfall

A German village goes it alone on climate protection - DW (English)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The local grocery store in Grafenaschau looks like most other buildings in the tiny Bavarian village. It has a large pitched roof with broad eaves and is half timber, half stone. The style is as typical as lederhosen, wheat beer and white sausage in this particular part of Germany. "It's Alpine but not 'yodel style.' We didn't want it to be really over-the-top Bavarian," jokes Hubert Mangold, as he heartily greets people on his way into the store. He's diplomatically referring to kitschier houses with brightly painted shutters, where everything's just a bit too much. But it's not just the style of the building that reflects the strong sense of custom and regional identity in the southern German state of Bavaria. Most of the products on offer are from nearby and are produced organically using traditional methods. Dressed casually in denim shorts and a plaid shirt, Mangold, who is the local mayor, points out locally sourced "hay-milk," schnapps and liquor from a nearby distillery, regional, in-season fruit and vegetables, and "in demand" traditionally milled f...https://www.dw.com/en/a-german-village-goes-it-alone-on-climate-protection/a-48030126

How Can Nazis Be on the March in Germany? - Truthout

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

We will come to power and then we will do what is necessary so that we can live a free life in the future. We tell the Bosporus that the three big Ms — Mohammed, Muezzin and Minerett — are over.” In Bavaria, the AfD is campaigning for “Islam-free schools.” But Islamophobia isn’t isolated to the AfD. The CSU’s Horst Seehöfer stated in February that “Islam does not belong in Germany.” Meanwhile, Thilo Sarrazin, a well-known leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), is on a book tour for his Hostile Takeover: How Islam Impairs Progress and Threatens Society. Other Islamophobic initiatives range from Chancellor Merkel’s support for banning the burka to local court battles over religious symbols in schools. A Berlin court upheld the decision to remove a public school teacher for wearing her hijab to school. Now, “feminist” groups want to a href="https://www.welt.de/politik/...https://truthout.org/articles/how-can-nazis-be-on-the-march-in-germany/

2 dead, more than a dozen injured after trains collide in Germany - New York Post

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Aichach. He said the driver of the cargo train was uninjured. Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. In a separate incident in Bavaria, two people were killed Monday when a train hit their car at a crossing near Lake Starnberg. Share this: ...https://nypost.com/2018/05/08/2-dead-more-than-a-dozen-injured-after-trains-collide-in-germany/