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Leipzig beat Augsburg 2-1 in the German Cup - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Leipzig's goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi into action twice as Marco Richter and Philipp Max came close. Andre Hahn's sloppy back pass allowed Timo Werner to get in possession of the ball inside the box. However, the German international failed to break the deadlock from promising position with 30 minutes into the game. Augsburg reaped another chance moments later but Michael Gregoritsch's shot on target from 25 meters was not a problem for Gualcsi. Just before the break, Leipzig's Kevin Kampl tested Augsburg's defence after unleashing two efforts on target in the 43rd minute. After the restart, both sides needed some time to gain a foothold into the match. Hence, neither Leipzig nor Augsburg were able to produce clear-cut opportunities. Things changed out of the blue in the 74th minute when Amadou Haidara forced a turnover before setting up for Timo Werner, who made no mistake to beat Augsburg's onrushing custodian Gregor Kobel for the opener. The hosts responded with frenetic attacks and got rewarded in the injury time when Alfred Finnbogason poked home the equalizer to flabbergast Leipzig. In the overtime, both teams lacked in accuracy but a blatant handball by Michael Gregoritsch inside the box allowed Marcel Halstenberg to smooth the way for the victory after converting the penalty into the top right corner. Elsewhere, Pierre Michel Lasogga's brace helped Hamburg to eliminate Paderborn 2-0 and to book a place in the semi-finals. The following fixtures conclude the German Cup quarterfinals on Thursday: Bayern Munich host Heidenheim and Schalke encounter Werder Bremen.

Mob violence stuns Germany, revealing deep fault lines over migration - CNN

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

I was surprised by the amount of resistance, distrust and how violently people reacted," says Werner Patzelt, a professor of politics at Technical University Dresden, who has been following the growth of the right-wing movement in Germany. "I fear no political action can stop this disastrous pull of events. There is a growing bitterness in Germany that no political action can stop."Vacuum of informationSo, how did a homicide in downtown Chemnitz unleash mob anger on the streets?It started at the crime scene in the vacuum that was created between what police officially reported and what was circulating on social media. "In the media, it was not immediately clear what had happened," explains Patzelt, "but what was clear was that right-wing extremists had already taken over the narrative. And they decided: We're going to make clear what the 'real reasons' behind this crime are and that's why we demonstrate."The initial police statement reported a "verbal dispute" between persons of "various nationalities" that turned violent. A 35-year old was killed and two men were apprehended. No other details on motive, weapon or who the suspects might be were released.But on social media, speculation was rampant. Within hours, online tabloid TAG24 ran a report with the headline: "Man killed attempting to defend woman from molestation." TAG24 attributed the information to a "senior official" at the crime scene.It went viral. Because it fit a narrative that right-wing extremists have been painting since the 2015 refugee crisis: Foreigners are entering the country to assault local women and attack local men. It took more than 24 hours for police to reveal that suspects in custody were a Syrian and an Iraqi, confirming some of the swirli...

One Of The Greatest French Living Artists, Bernar Venet Holds Two New Exhibitions In France, Part 2

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Accident as a Working Hypothesis, 1996-2007, performance: September 9, 2007. Exhibition view at the Museum Küpersmühle für Moderne Kunst, Duisburg, Germany, 2007Photo Werner Hannapel Describe the performances that you will be carrying out tomorrow during the opening of your Lyon museum exhibition. Instead of shaking hands and giving kisses, I thought that it would be more interesting if I did a few performances for the opening. One of them will be to change the first room of the museum when people enter; they will be surrounded by f...

Site-specific exhibition of renowned Japanese artist duo to open at Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix Gallery in Shoreditch

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Osaka in 1971, graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 1996. Selected recent solo exhibitions include ‘The Strange Moves that We Make, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo (2016), Galerie Michael Werner, Trebbin, Germany (2016). Selected group shows include ‘Japanorama. A new vision on art since 1970, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz, France (2017), ‘Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nijo Castle (Nijojo), Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto (2017), ‘Tsubaki-kai, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo (annually from 2013 to 2017), ‘The State of this World : Thought and the Arts, Ashiya City Museum of Art and History, Hyogo (2016), 'Primary Field II, The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama (2010), ‘Louisa Bufardeci & Zon Ito, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2009), ‘When Lives Become Form: Dialogue with The Future Brazil / Japan, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (2008). Itos works are included in the public collections at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, among others. Ryoko Aoki and Zon Ito have collaborated and exhibited in many institutions and art festivals including: ‘In Focus: Contemporary Japan, Minneapolis Institue of Art, Minneapolis (2017), ‘Reborn Art Festival, Ishinomaki, Miyagi (2017), ‘Fruitfulness, Toyokawa City Sakuragaoka Museum, Aichi (2015), ‘TWO STICKS, The Museum of Architecture, Wrocław (2015), ‘Re: Quest - Japanese Contemporary Art since the 1970s, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul (2013). ‘Experimenta Speak to Me, 5th International Biennial of Media Art, Project Space/Spare Room, Melbourne, Australia (2012), ‘The state one reaches by the age of 9, and the sunshine of those days, Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto (2011), ‘Ways of Worldmaking, The National Museum of Art, Osaka (2011), ‘CAMP, Konrad Fischer Galerie, Dusseldorf, Germany (2009), ‘FUSION: Architecture + Design in Japan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2004). Hikotaro Kanehira is an independent curator based in Tokyo. Selected curated exhibitions and projects include ‘Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, statements, Tokyo (2017), ‘Troedsson Villa Mountain School 2016, original concept by Tam Ochiai & Anne Eastmanstatements, statements, Tokyo (2016), ‘Nobuyoshi Araki: Love on the Left Eye, co-curated with Toshi Shibata, Mitsubishi Artium, Fukuoka (2014), ‘Futoshi Miyagi: American Boyfriend (2013- ongoing), ‘Takashi Homma: New Documentary, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery / Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (2011-2012). Kanehira has curated and published artists books and zines as an independent publisher for the works of Yasuto Masumoto, Ryoko Aoki, Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Erika Kobayashi, Nobutaka Aozaki and Shimon Minamikawa. Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix is a contemporary art gallery in Spitalfields, East London that opened in January 2017. The gallery strives to express its ethos of light, space, ambiguity of reality and cultural and social identity through exhibitions by young and mid-career artists. While artists exhibited have come from all over the world, the gallery aims to have half of its yearly exhibition programme showing artists from Japan and other Asian countries. Press Contact: Anna BeketovDamson PRP: +44 (0) 207 812 0645b...

German zoo fire kills more than 30 animals - TRT World

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wednesday.One of the tributes asked simply "Why?".Firefighters prevented the flames from spreading to other buildings at the zoo in North Rhine-Westphalia.Focus on fireworksPreliminary findings suggest the fire might have been caused by flying paper lanterns, which float into the air when lit.Three lanterns bearing hand-written New Year's wishes were discovered in the smouldering debris.These types of devices have been banned in the region since 2009.Police, who have launched an investigation for "arson through negligence", were contacted late Wednesday by a number of people who may have used these lanterns. Krefeld police said investigators were verifying their statements.The German animal protection association quickly called for all kinds of fireworks to be banned near zoos, farms and kennels.The deadly blaze was "terrible proof of the dramatic consequences for animals" from "uncontrolled" celebrations, the group said.Germans often use powerful fireworks to celebrate the New Year and in Berlin, rescue services on Wednesday recorded 22 injuries, some of which required amputations, from the holiday.That was roughly comparable to levels seen in previous years.The effect of fireworks on air quality has also begun to spark debate and the federal environment agency UBA estimated that the amount of fine particles released in one night was comparable to two months of highway traffic. OMG this breaks my heart??????RIP ?????poor little souls????????Sad start of the year: In a major fire on New Years Eve in Krefeld, the ape house of the local zoo burned down completely. More than 30 monkeys died. Only the chimpanzees Bally & Limbo survived slightly injured.— ? ?? ?? (@FranceschiJcf) January 1, 2020 Several major German supermarket and hardware chains have decided to stop selling fireworks.Demand remains strong for now, however, with the people spending around 113 million euros ($127 million) for New Year fireworks, the same amount as last year, according to sector federation VPI.Around 57 percent of the county's inhabitants would support a ban on firework sales but 84 percent of those questioned also said they looked forward to displays next year.Krefeld zoo planned to remain closed Wednesday with employees "in shock" owing to the "terrible tragedy", management said.The zoo has around 1,000 animals and attracts some 400,000 visitors a year. Source: AFP ...

Man accused of pushing boy in front of Frankfurt train had ‘psychological problems’ - The Irish Times

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Public safetyLast week a 34-year-old mother was killed in North Rhine-Westphalia when a German-born man with Serbian roots pushed her into the path of an oncoming train. The second such death in a week has sparked soul-searching in Germany about public safety, particularly in train stations. The Frankfurt suspect was born in 1979, is married and has three children. He was granted refugee status in 2008 and had full-time employment. “In a brochure from the firm where he works he was presented as a super integration case study,” said Horst Seehofer, Germany’s federal interior minister, who interrupted his holiday for a press conference on Tuesday. German interior minister Horst Seehofer at a news conference about the Frankfurt killing in Berlin on Tuesday. Photograph: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters Federal police said the man was not flagged in any databases and, as a recognised refugee, was in Germany legally. He was not checked at the border because Switzerland, though outside the EU, is an associate member of the Schengen free-travel area. The man had been sought by the Swiss police since an incident last week in which he threatened a neighbour with a knife, tried to strangle her and locked her in her apartment. ‘Cold-blooded murder’Close to tears in Berlin on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Seehofer said that, like millions of other Germans, he was “deeply shocked by the cold-blooded murder”. He announced a special body to examine boosting train station security. “Although general criminality figures are dropping, the feeling of security among the population is very tense and cases like yesterday contribute to that,” he said, urging reporters at a press conference to “separate cleanly” crime and migration. Instead he said Germany was facing a rise in public order offences generally – regardless of perpetrator origin – and promised extra police resources to tackle this. Experts said it was difficult to predict what the motive in such attacks could be. “It could be an extremely heightened disposition for violence or psychological problems, but I would be careful talking of a typical perpetrator profile,” said Prof Rudolf Egg, a criminal psychologist, to German television.

Long asparagus season in NRW ends this weekend -

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On Johannistag, June 24, it is New Year's Eve for asparagus. On this day, asparagus farmers traditionally end their harvest, says the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia. Last year, the noble vegetables were cultivated on about 4,000 hectares in NRW. The shoots, still growing, are no longer being harvested. In the next three months, the asparagus grows up to 2 m high to form energy reserves with the help of sunlight, reserves which are stored in the roots. This secures the harvest for the next asparagus season. The asparagus season has been running at full speed at many farms since the end of March. For the asparagus this year, there was a mix of warm, but also very cold days. The growers were able to adjust the harvest to the changing temperatures by putting covers on the fields. Since the consumer in Germany prefers white asparagus with white heads, covering the asparagus beds is indispensable. One way to enjoy asparagus even after the asparagus season is to freeze the peeled asparagus. The last harvest days should be used by consumers to stock up. The peeled and portioned asparagus can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date. For consumption, the frozen asparagus can be put in boiling water. So that not all valuable ingredients end up in the water, ...

Couple break with pace 214, on Federal road in order to catch a holiday flight - The Crypto Coin Discovery

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Flensburg in the last two weeks solid. You have knowledge of more than 100 Calls of this kind. Übach-Palenberg: police to sexual offence witnesses. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Übach-Palenberg the police after an unknown youth was on Tuesday afternoon, compared to a nine-year-old girl sexually grip. Accordingly, the child was playing on a Playground, when a young man approached and led to a mound of dirt. There, the young people should have stripped the girl. The officials, according to two strollers, the speeches, the suspects approached in this Moment. This was run then walk. The passers-by took the girl home. Now the police are looking for both after helping a couple, as well as to the unknown youth who is described as follows: about 15 to 17 years of age, and of robust stature, short, blonde, and upstairs greasy hair, asked to be witnesses at the sides, shorter brown shoes, light brown denim jacket and blue Jeanswar with black-and-white Bicycle on the road to put under the phone number 02452 920 0. news of Wednesday, 20. February Munich: police stops driving school – driving instructor on drugs During a routine control, the police in Munich have pulled a driving instructor. The officers found the 40-Year-old initially glassy and red eyes, and assumed, therefore, that the man navigated his driving students under the influence of a drug through the streets of the Bavarian capital Navi. The locally made drug-test confirmed this suspicion. The police announced, has been canceled, then the hour’s drive. The rider was allowed to go home. The due blood test should confirm the results of the quick tests that threaten his driving instructor, a driving ban, two points in Flensburg and a fine of 500 euros. Maybe the man loses even his driving instructor permission. Pulheim: Drunk driver falls asleep in front of traffic light, a In North Rhine-Westphalia, Pulheim is asleep, a motorist in front of a traffic light. As the police reported on Wednesday, the 49-Year-old three per thousand in the blood. A witness stopped around 8.30 am on Tuesday morning behind the vehicle of the man. But when the light turned Green, drove off the car in front of him. When he got out, and ran to the car, he noted that the driver sat asleep behind the wheel. An ambulance took him to a hospital, where a blood sample. The police secured the license and launched a criminal case. Rostock: Baby skeleton in the flower pot found In Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) has found the police in the case of a 27-year-old woman is the skeleton of a newborn baby in a flower pot. When the Baby died and what was the exact cause of death is yet determined, said the spokesman for the Rostock office of the public Prosecutor, Harald Nowack, on Wednesday. So far there is no evidence of a homicide. The investigators had received a note from a loved one that the woman kept a dead-born child in her apartment. The apartment in a multi family home was at 16. February searches. In an earth filled flower pot, officials found a small skeleton. Forensic scientists have found out that it is the bone of a newborn baby. With the help of DNA analysis is to be determined details. Unclear age, gender, and cause of death of the child and how the bones came to be in the vessel. In search of the absent tenant had reported in the meantime, a lawyer at the police. You have made no data. Iserlohn: 26-Year-old dies after punch In Northrhine-Westphalia Iserlohn, a dispute at a red light for a 26 is assumed to be-Year-old deadly. As the po...