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German kindergarten for Muslim children is ordered to close over 'links to extremist ideology' - Daily Mail

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Muhammad al-Arifi (pictured), a controversial preacher banned from Britain, Denmark and Switzerland, spoke there'I regret that the licence is no longer valid - it's a step that's been properly legally considered but is now undoubtedly necessary. 'The association represents parts of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist ideology and therefore is no longer rooted in the German constitution.' Responding to the announcement, head of the Muslim association Samy El Hagrasy called it a 'mystery' and insisted the group did adhere to the constitution. Responding last year when some of the claims emerged, parents at the mosque said in a statement: 'We're being judged based on reports from years ago. 'We don't accept that we and our children should be labelled as Salafists and extremists. 'We are a parents' initiative with a pedagogic background and reject every form of extremism.' Read more: ...

Eight Award-Winning Varieties From IPM Essen - Greenhouse Grower

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

JavaScript is required for the gallery to function properly.Start Slideshow One of the highlights of the 37th IPM Essen trade fair in Essen, Germany, in January was the IPM Innovation awards, which recognize the top new varieties on display. A total of 58 innovative varieties in eight categories, submitted by 31 exhibitors, competed for the IPM Innovation 2019 prize. After evaluation by an expert commission on the eve of the fair, varieties were awarded prizes in seven of the eight categories, with one receiving the top overall prize. Check out the slideshow above for a look at this year’s winners.Advertisement Brian Sparks is senior editor of Greenhouse Grower and editor of Greenhouse Grower Technology. See all author stories here.

The Best Tea Steeper According to a Serious Tea Drinker - Yahoo Lifestyle

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

James taught me that making a (way) better cuppa was well worth learning a few simple sourcing and tea-making techniques, understanding how to properly steep tea chief among them. I went from buying boxed tea to steeping loose leaves in a nanosecond.Friends noted my newfound enthusiasm and bestowed thematic gifts, often in the form of steeping gear. I tried all sorts of models, from tea balls and basket steepers to paper filters you fill with tea leaves yourself. Ultimately, I circled back to James’ guidance: the best tea steepers are simple, inexpensive, and, most importantly, designed with details that fit the core principles of proper tea brewing.A good steeper is one that’s large enough to allow for maximum interaction between tea leaves and water, with mesh that's fine enough to keep leaves and sediment from floating into your brew. If your steeper is too small, it won’t allow water to freely circulate and tea leaves to fully expand, yielding a weak and unsatisfying drink. You also want a steeper that allows your cup, mug, pot, or thermos to be covered during the brewing process—this helps your tea retain both heat and aroma.To find the best tea steepers, I gathered 12 models to put to the test, taking a look at ball, basket, and paper varieties. Read on for the winners. For more about the testing process and factors to consider when choosing the best tea steeper, scroll to the bottom of the page.The Best Tea Steeper Overall: Finum Stainless Steel Mesh Brewing BasketThe Finum Stainless Steel Mesh Brewing Basket took home the gold in my test and in many other tea steeper rankings I found online. It’s above and beyond the best steeper I h...

German survivors of Madeira bus crash to be flown home - Fox News

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Thursday that the plane and medical crew were being readied. Heiko Maas also said that bodies of the deceased would be transported to Germany once they are properly identified.The foreign minister spoke after visiting the injured in Madeira's capital, Funchal, and after laying flowers at the site of the crash with his Portuguese counterpart, Augusto Santos Silva.All the deceased were German. The bus was carrying 55 people, including a Portuguese driver and guide, when it veered off the road and plunged down a slope.Sixteen people remain hospitalized; authorities say all are out of danger.

The perfect destination foHere is why Germany is the perfect destination for your next holidayr your holiday! Discover nature in Germany - Emirates Woman

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Germany offering Natural reserves and biospheres, as well as big national parks.Adventures in Nature:Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere: South-Eastern corner of the Saarland on the border with FranceA must-visit for a memorable experience is the Bliesgau Biosphere ocean reserve, which belongs to UNESCO. It is famous for its beautiful orchards and meadows on the banks of the river and forests, as well as being home to rare animal species. You can easily stroll around the area by bike, electric bike, enjoy a walk, and maybe in a carriage!Elbe Riverside UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: in northern Germany (near Hamburg)To enjoy the water scenery, choose a river boat cruise, a boat discovery tour, or even a trip on a solar powered raft! If you prefer to stay on land, you can follow cycling and walking tracks. The wide glacial valley in the south is characterised by interior dunes and river banks, while meadows in the northern Alps are characterised by green trees and extensive forests.Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: at the corner of the three German states, Bavaria, Hesse and ThuringiaThe Rhôn hills are located in the heart of Germany and offer a wide range of beautiful views! And if you are a fan of athletic activities, you can try gliding, water sports, and indulge in a spot of star gazing.Jasmund National Park Mecklenburg-Western Pomeraniait takes you right along the cliffs and features enough natural treasures for several holidays. White chalk cliffs, lush beech forests and the s...

Assumption of 2019 is a holiday? What is the Festival? - Celeb's Net

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

May. holiday of assumption in these Federal States, and municipalities Almost all the States go at 15. August 2019 blank and must work - with only two exceptions. The complete Saarland is of the assumption a public holiday. And also in many Parts of Bavaria it is so. To a shortened work week can look forward to those who work in a city with a largely Catholic population. When in a Bavarian village more Protestants live as Catholics, there is the assumption, however, is not a holiday. Of the 2056 Bavarian municipalities, the 352 concerns. The definition is based on the results of the census in the year 2011. Thereafter, a legal holiday in the big cities of Munich, Augsburg, Würzburg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt is in 1704 by 2056 Bavarian municipalities of the assumption. A non-working day of the assumption is also for all the inhabitants of upper Bavaria and lower Bavaria. A holiday mood prevails in 96 per cent of the upper Palatinate, municipalities, and 87 percent of the Franconian cities and towns, while in large Parts of Central and upper Franconia normal working day. Where in Bavaria assumption of the virgin Mary a holiday? And if you live in Bavaria, and now are unsure of whether the assumption is a public holiday, or whether your municipality has a predominantly Catholic population? Also then you can be helped. On there's a handy search function to municipalities, so that everyone can easily check his place of residence. feast of the assumption: the meaning of the Christian Festival Catholics celebrate the holiday, which is officially called “the assumption of Mary“, with Church services and herbal blessings: It is to be blessed to bouquets tied herbs. In addition, there are numerous festive processions. Mary as Queen, which is taken up into heaven - an image that adorns countless churches, especially in...

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer: Merkel's 'mini-me' with a twist - FRANCE 24

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The protegee's win will come as a relief to Merkel, whose chances of staying on as chancellor until 2021 partly hinge on how well she gets on with the new CDU chair.- Flowers from Merkel -Born in Saarland, a tiny, hill-strewn state tucked against the French border, AKK grew up in a large, Catholic family as a self-described nerd who adored reading and never dared to cut class.She married Helmut Karrenbauer in 1984, the same year she started her studies in law and political science.The couple have three children and AKK has paid tribute to her husband for being a stay-at-home father so she could climb the career ladder.A popular figure in local politics, AKK held several state ministerial posts before becoming Saarland's premier in 2011.She shot to nationwide attention when she scored a thumping re-election in 2017, a rare bright spot in a slew of regional poll disappointments for the CDU.It was Merkel herself who handed the short-haired, bespectacled politician a bouquet of flowers after the win.AKK then played a key role in the tortuous coalition talks that followed an inconclusive general election, winning plaudits for her determination and pragmatism in the marathon meetings.In February Merkel rewarded AKK by tapping her to become the party's number two as general secretary, luring her from Saarland to Berlin.- 'Cleaning lady Gretel' -As CDU leader now AKK is in pole position to be the party's next candidate for chancellor -- a job she admits she has her sights on.Batting away criticism that she stands for more of the same at a time when the CDU needs to be reinvigorated, AKK has said she sees no need "to undo" Merkel's legacy.But she has made moves to carve out her own profile.While praising Merkel's divisive 2015 decision to allow in hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, AKK says stronger action is needed to allay German fears about security and integration.Convicted asylum seekers should be expelled not just from Germany but Europe's entire Schengen zone, AKK has argued.And she has floated the idea of re-introducing military service or a year of national service to boost social cohesion.Perhaps most controversially, she opposed gay marriage which was legalised in 2017 and supported by Merkel.A keen participant in her region's annual carnival celebrations, AKK has over the years endeared herself with the public by dressing up as "cleaning lady Gretel".She reprised the role last year, taking to the stage complete ...

The Dutch Royal couple Willem-Alexander and Máxima in the Saarland arrived - The KXAN 36 News

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Dutch Royal couple in the land of Saarland arrived at 13.45: The Dutch Royal couple arrived on the second day of his Germany visit in the Saarland. Willem-Alexander and Máxima were greeted at the Chancellery in Saarbrücken, Prime Minister Tobias, Hans (CDU), and his wife, Tanja. Many onlookers cheered the Royal guests, as this is a red carpet steps. Previously, guests from the Netherlands had made in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz Station. Willem-Alexander will be accompanied by Dutch entrepreneurs. After a lunch in the saarbrücken castle with representatives from the auto industry, among other things, a visit to the University of the Saarland was planned, where the king wanted to learn about research on Artificial intelligence. In Saarlouis, the Couple visited a Solar-energy project of the citizens ‘ energy cooperative köller valley. In the evening, Saareck, the guest house of Villeroy & Boch in Mettlach in the castle, a conversation about the challenges of digitalization on the progr...