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Europe: Going with the flow on the Danube and the Rhine

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

This is Bavaria and they brew beer, bake (more) pretzels and serve sausages. The specialities should be on the menu at Regensburg, which boasts Germany's oldest sausage kitchen, where one can find the best wurst. Passau is "the last city in Germany", where three rivers meet, and its baroque style is worth visiting in its own right. Many passers-through, however, will head for nearby Salzburg, home of Mozart, location for The Sound of Music, and the temptations of its chocolatiers. Another option especially for those who want to add another country into their passports is Cesky Krumlov, a tiny World Heritage city with a huge castle across the border in the Czech Republic. Back on the boat, the voyage continues along scenic stretches of the Danube to Linz, then Melk and its famous abbey. For many guests, a highlight is cycling to Durnstein, about 40km, through vineyards and flowers, charming villages and ruined castles. Now, three capital cities in three days each with its unique history and its distinctive present the starched grandeur of Vienna (Austria), quirky impudence of Bratislava (Slovakia), poignant glamour of Budapest (Hungary). To farewell Europe feeling like royalty, travellers can ride the Grand Empress steam train, evoking memories of the beautiful and tragic Elisabeth, 19th century Empress of Austria. Boarding at Budapest Station's royal waiting room, the short journey, in carriages from the early 1900s, treats guests to a traditional game lunch and a tour of the monarch's summer residence, Godollo Palace. Three rivers, six countries, more than 20 centuries of history, art, culture, food and wine, tours and activities: it sounds like a lot to cram into two weeks. But when you go with the relaxed flow of a European river cruise, time seems to go past slowly if not stand still.

From Ghent to the Ganges, the cruises sailing down the world's greatest rivers with lectures, fine food and even ...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest – and you'll explore other historic gems and sail through eye-popping scenery. Starting in Nuremberg, Brabant's first call is Regensburg, nicknamed 'Germany's medieval miracle' for its preserved buildings. From Linz you could take a trip to Salzburg, popular with fans of The Sound Of Music and Mozart, or stay in town and have a slice of linzertorte in a cosy cafe. Enjoy the dramatic beauty of the countryside from the observation lounge or the deck as you sail through the Wachau Valley and the loops of Schlogener Schlinge. Brabant departs Nuremberg for a seven-night voyage to Budapest on April 26, 2019., 0800 035 5242. There will be more opportunities to explore the far reaches of the Ganges from December when Pandaw relocates three vessels from Burma to IndiaMaking her debut next year, Emerald Harmony is the first 'Star-Ship' from Emerald Waterways on the Mekong. Smaller than her European sisters, with only 42 cabins and suites – plus a swimming pool with retractable roof that converts to a cinema – Harmony will be nimble enough to sail into Ho Chi Minh City. A one-week cruise will show you the contrasts between busy Vietnam and slower-paced Cambodia, as well as temples, pagodas and colonial-era French architecture. You can be on the inaugural cruise as part of a 23-day Grand Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia departing on August 20, 2019., 0808 115 6269.River cruises are an ideal way to sightsee with the minimum of physical effort, but there are lots of ways to stretch your legs on an Active Discovery on the Rhine itinerary, new for this year. Join a jogging tour in Amsterdam, a run round Cologne, hikes in the forests around Duisburg and through the vineyards of Eltville, and guided bike rides through the German countryside. Departures are still available for this year, and from May to October 2019., 0330 058 8291.There will be more opportunities to explore the far reaches of the Ganges from December when Pandaw relocates three vessels from Burma to India. Pandaw boats are small but powerful and have a shallow draft, allowing them to navigate remote and narrow tributaries. RV Orient Pandaw, the pride of the fleet of boutique boats, has a spa and 30 cabins, each with a veranda, and will sail the Lower Ganges. One-week cruises from Calcutta will take in remnants of French, Dutch and British colonial rule, temples and the Hazaduari Palace., 020 8396 7320. Advertisement Read more: ...

Honored Dead Marching Onward In Our Memories

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Army Air Corps. They should have flown by, but in the legion of the forgotten dead, all must walk in ghostly procession in their final encampment. Other place names recognized: Ploesti, Schweinfurt, Regensburg. Red walks by, an apparition. Who now recalls a tiny Italian town named Roverto up there in the Brenner Pass, or remembers a boy named Red crouched in the waist of a B-25? What ghastly remembrance of things past is this which intrudes on a happy, carefree holiday, with picnics and ball games? Why think now about Red with body crumpled and his head sliced off from a burst of flak from a German 88 far below? Red’s mother put a little gold star in the front window of her home, a little Pennsylvania town, and on Memorial Day the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars put a flag and flowers on his grave. Is this remembrance? Red marches on with the legion, the legion of the forgotten dead. With him in awesome numbers are the sailors from Pearl Harbor and Okinawa and all the vast expanse of the seas where death came so swiftly; with him the GIs whose blood made the cold gray ocean on the beach called Omaha dull, rusty red; who fell in Italy and France and Germany and nameless islands in the Pacific. They trudge along so quietly now; the Marines who died on the sands of Iwo Jima and in the caves on Okinawa. There are many of them, so very, very, many … see them march by. Finally they pass. No such euphemism as going West for these. Their comrades said simply: They got it. Red got it. All these got it. They are the legion of the forgotten dead. They are the reason the Stars and Stripes flies instead of a Nazi emblem or the Rising Sun over the Capitol. Here come others along. The numbers of the silent marchers are fewer now. There’s a group of Marines dragging sleds loaded with comrades, frozen, grotesque caricatures of men lashed in layers. They fell in Korea at a place called Chosin Reservoir, and the Marines vowed to fight their way out and take their dead with them. They did, and now they pull those sleds along in the ranks of the forgotten legion forever. There are GIs in the group from Pork Chop Hill and Pusan; those whose families received the ominous telegrams with the introduction: The War Department regrets to inform you … On they march. They’re almost past, now. This last group of marchers is looking off to one side, as if they’re unsure of their reception. Hear the whispers from the Navy pilots and Marines and GIs of Vietnam. They’re by, now, finally, all of them. And the legion of the forgotten dead has disappeared once more, shrouded in the mist of antiquity. The backbone of every American should stiffen in salute this day to the legion of the war dead of our country; that forgotten army whose sacrifices mean that we live in freedom. Is it too much to ask to remember them, honor them, on this one day, this legion of the forgotten dead, who have died for America and thus for you and me? March on, brave legions. For some remember, and solemnly resolve: Your march for freedom has not been in vain. Adam Kelly (1924-1990) wrote The Country Editor column for The Intelligencer. -- ...

Pauline Kundenkova Klueber - Yakima Herald-Republic

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Riya four years later when the allies liberated the area. Mom remained with a US Army group and worked as a waitress in the Army cafeterias, where she met our Dad. Mom and Dad were married in Regensburg, Germany in 1947.In December of 1947 Mom and Dad migrated to Granger, Washington upon his discharge from the Army. Mom resided in the house that Dad built until her passing. Mom was a homemaker, loving mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother. She also worked for Del Monte for 30 years. Mom was a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Zillah, WA. Mom was the ultimate hostess, providing food and welcoming all who entered her home.Mom’s greatest love was her family, and then came her beautiful flower garden, and in her later years she enjoyed coloring flowers.She was preceded in death by her parents, two sisters, two brothers, and her loving husband of 52 years.Mom is survived by her children Paul (Kaye) Klueber of Green Valley, AZ; Tamara Parker of Packwood; Gloria (Steve) Meiser of Outlook; Lewis (Debbi) Klueber of Granger; and Pamela (Kevin) Walker of Satus; grandchildren: Greg, Jill, Shani, Jim, Brian, Tina, Eric, Tara, Steven, Kristina, Jason, Kevin, Tiffany and Ryan; 31 great grandchildren, two great great grandchildren; a niece, Karen Owen; and the Waldschmidt family.Mom leaves behind her special friend Suzy Valenzuela; caregivers, Teresa Cardenas, Sunshine Milton and Karen Kobes.The Lord blessed this world with a beautiful soul; one that profoundly impacted our lives and took a piece of our hearts with her to paradise. In some instances we might fear that the memories will be lost and fade over the years, but not ...

A German village goes it alone on climate protection - DW (English)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The local grocery store in Grafenaschau looks like most other buildings in the tiny Bavarian village. It has a large pitched roof with broad eaves and is half timber, half stone. The style is as typical as lederhosen, wheat beer and white sausage in this particular part of Germany. "It's Alpine but not 'yodel style.' We didn't want it to be really over-the-top Bavarian," jokes Hubert Mangold, as he heartily greets people on his way into the store. He's diplomatically referring to kitschier houses with brightly painted shutters, where everything's just a bit too much. But it's not just the style of the building that reflects the strong sense of custom and regional identity in the southern German state of Bavaria. Most of the products on offer are from nearby and are produced organically using traditional methods. Dressed casually in denim shorts and a plaid shirt, Mangold, who is the local mayor, points out locally sourced "hay-milk," schnapps and liquor from a nearby distillery, regional, in-season fruit and vegetables, and "in demand" traditionally milled f...

How Can Nazis Be on the March in Germany? - Truthout

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

We will come to power and then we will do what is necessary so that we can live a free life in the future. We tell the Bosporus that the three big Ms — Mohammed, Muezzin and Minerett — are over.” In Bavaria, the AfD is campaigning for “Islam-free schools.” But Islamophobia isn’t isolated to the AfD. The CSU’s Horst Seehöfer stated in February that “Islam does not belong in Germany.” Meanwhile, Thilo Sarrazin, a well-known leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), is on a book tour for his Hostile Takeover: How Islam Impairs Progress and Threatens Society. Other Islamophobic initiatives range from Chancellor Merkel’s support for banning the burka to local court battles over religious symbols in schools. A Berlin court upheld the decision to remove a public school teacher for wearing her hijab to school. Now, “feminist” groups want to a href="

The Dandelion Windfall - Canada Free Press

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Guess what: it could turn into a real windfall for you!Dandelion ButterAs you may not know yet, I grew up in the “Land of Happy Cows” (LOHCs), i.e. the western part of southern Bavaria. In spring, the meadows there are a solid yellow with flowering dandelion plants. They are so abundant that the butter and cheese produced from the cows grazing in those fields develop a decidedly yellow color, caused by the chemical known as “beta-carotene.” It’s related to the orange color-producing substance in carrots, hence its name.Believe me, after a long winter of having to live on hay from last year’s harvests, when the season turns to spring and the dandelions are blooming, the cows are really happy then. They take to the solidly dandelion-yellow meadows in force and produce plenty of milk that is the source of the then (once again) yellow butter.For decades, the European Union countries, collectively produced a “butter mountain,” meaning a large excess that could not be consumed there. But this could change soon, when butter turns to rubber (don’t take it literally).But first to Traditional RubberAs you may know, upon injury of the leaves or bark, a variety of plants exude a viscous milky white liquid that tends to polymerize on contact with air into a rubbery blob. Of course, that’s the way much of the world’s natural rubber came into existence and is still an important agricultural product to this day. The plant that has been the source of much of the world’s “latex” that, upon exposure to air, turns into raw rubber, known as kautchuk, or caoutchouc, or India rubber, is the “rubber tree” (Hevea brasiliensis, Euphorbiaceae).Native to South America, the rubber tree was introduced to South and South-East Asia well over one-hundred years ago and that region now produces much of the world’s raw rubber.Now, to Synthetic RubberIn WWII, when the demand for rubber products increased sharply and (Germany’s) access to the natural product became limited, chemists developed the synthetic rubber, then known as Buna rubber. Its basic constituent is the small molecule isoprene that can be polymerized into rubber of excellent properties. In fact, much of today’s car tires and many other rubber products rely on that synthetic material, both for c...

2 dead, more than a dozen injured after trains collide in Germany - New York Post

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Aichach. He said the driver of the cargo train was uninjured. Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. In a separate incident in Bavaria, two people were killed Monday when a train hit their car at a crossing near Lake Starnberg. Share this: ...