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Berlins's IBeB Cooperative Housing Created Community from the Ground-Up - Metropolis Magazine

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Berlin firm. Heide & Von Beckerath and ifau had almost completed their jointly designed R50 baugruppen project (also in Berlin) when, in 2012, they approached the well-established Selbstbaugenossenschaft cooperative (which had already developed several housing developments) to help realize the IBeB project. Where the firms previous R50 project was purely residential (19 units occupied by a relatively homogeneous group of white-collar residents), IBeB represented a much more significant challenge of scale and complexity. Courtesy Andrew Alberts The cooperative and coalition of architects bid for a spot in an innovative development scheme organized by the city-operated Berlin Property Fund, which was seeking multiple proposals for the 3.46-acre site that would together create a mixed-use neighborhood. For example, aside from the housing component, other projects on the site include an office block for creative companies and another mixed-use building with residential units and offices. Winning the project was just the first step for the architects and the cooperative. They next had to attract future residents to sign up for apartments in the IBeB. They did this through an open call, personal social connections, and simple word-of-mouth. Once on board, the residents worked with the architects and the cooperative via weekly meetings over six years to design the building. All in all, the project comprises 66 apartments and 17 studios across four stories. There are also three commercial units (one currently occupied by a bike shop) at ground level. In addition, eight of the residential units provide supported-living facilities for people with disabilities; these units are managed by a nonprofit. Communal spaces occupy the rooftop. A quarter of the apartments are rented at a sustainable low rent and managed by the Selbstbaugenossenschaft cooperative, while 70-75 percent are privately owned. One of the buildings balconies Courtesy Andrew Alberts The project footprint occupies an approximately 30,000-square-foot site resembling a rectangle with one chamfered corner on its northeast side, which creates space for a public plaza. The facade, meanwhile, features glazed ceramic tiles and regular intervals of large windows. Inside the residential cores, a material palette of exposed concrete and blackened steel is familiar in a city often fond of raw, if not overly austere, minimalism. The relatively inconspicuous exterior is offset by the remarkable rue intérieure, as von Beckerath describes it an open passageway characterized by tall, sky-lit voids, benches, and mini courtyards carved out through the center of the building volume. Apartment front doors face onto the passageway, creating a spatial and social...

Halle (Saale): Generationenwechsel im Flower 2.0: So erfindet sich Halles „Flopo“ neu

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hasen in der halleschen Gastroszene. Gemeinsam haben sie im Dorint Hotel ihre Ausbildung gemacht, sich kennen und schätzen gelernt. „Ich habe Max dann gefragt, ob er sich mit mir gemeinsam selbstständig machen möchte, erinnert sich Lukas Röse - darüber habe sein Freund nicht lange nachdenken müssen. So entstand schließlich die Bierkanzlei, die fest zur Barszene rund um den Moritzburgring gehört. Erst für den Flower Power-Chef gekellnert Zum Flower 2.0 kamen die beiden schließlich über René Lorenz, der eigentlich KFZ-Sachverständiger ist und das Gebäude 2003 gekauft hat. „Mir hat immer das Tablett in der Hand gefehlt, erzählt Lorenz, der zwar im Studium gekellnert hat, danach aber erst einmal als Sachverständiger gearbeitet hat. Schließlich habe er die richtige Location gesucht und im Flower Power gefunden. Lukas Röse hat dann seinerseits bei Lorenz gekellnert und es entstand eine Freundschaft zwischen dem 47-Jährigen und dem 35-Jährigen. Flower 2.0 in Halle: Keller zu Kneipe, Bar und Disko umgebaut Dort, wo das heutige Flower 2.0 ist, war lange Zeit aber nur Lager, Heizungskeller und Werkstatt. „Wir haben dann angefangen zu überlegen und ein Jahr lang rumgebastelt, erzählt Lorenz, dann haben sie alles ausgeräumt, die Kellerräume entkernt und saniert. „Es sollte eine Mischung aus Kneipe, Bar und Disko entstehen - wie oben auch, sagt der Betreiber. Etwas anders als der ursprüngliche Club wurde es dann aber doch: Alles bekam eine Steinoptik, die Blumendeko ist deutlich zurückhaltender und eine Lüftungsanlage sorgt auch im Sommer für frische Luft in der Kelleranlage. Am 1. Dezember 2017 konnten die drei ihr neues „Baby dann endlich öffnen. „Und es hat von der ersten Minute an gerockt, freut sich Lorenz - so wie es jetzt ist, habe er es sich immer gewünscht. Flower 2.0 in Halle: In 15 Jahren gab es hier noch nie Eintritt Immer, wenn sich die Leute nachts fragen, wo sie jetzt noch hingehen könnten, sei die Antwort „Ins Flower, erinnert er sich, wie es auch schon früher war, als es unter den Kneipiers hieß „Seid nicht sauer, geht ins Flower. Und das liegt nicht nur daran, dass es in 15 Jahren noch nie Eintritt in dem Club gab, der für eigentlich alle Altersgruppen etwas zu bieten hat. Künftig sollen Lukas Röse und Maximilian Leißring den Club dann einmal ganz übernehmen. „Ich habe zwei Profis dazugeholt und kann endlich auch mal abschalten, betont Lorenz. Für ihn ist vor allem wichtig, dass seine „fröhlichste Kreuzung der Welt erhalten bleibt und dass „die Jungs, wie er sie nennt, mit Herzblut für den Club brennen und Spaß haben. (mz) Dieser Artikel wurde verfasst von Sandra Simonsen *Der Beitrag "Generationenwechsel im Flower 2.0: So erfindet sich Halles „Flopo neu" stammt von Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Es gibt keine redaktionelle Prüfung durch FOCUS Online. Kontakt zum Verantwortlichen hier. Mitteldeutsche Zeitung ...

'Utterly Bizarre': Seahawks fans from around the world find kindred spirits at a London bar

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tyler Lockett, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson. On the street, the line is littered with jerseys from Wilson to Alexander to Matt Hasselbeck to Walter Jones to Steve Largent to Rocky Bernard. There is a big man with a blue goatee (and, because hes sweating, the paints bleeding down his neck). Wallace Watts, a United Airlines pilot who has dubbed himself “Captain Seahawk,” struts down Borough High Street with a Seahawks logo etched onto a black top hat, a blue suit coat, green pants, green shoes, green gloves, green sunglasses (in the dark, if that matters) and a red and blue Union Jack vest. Everybodys waiting, and no one seems to care. Every couple minutes, a SEA-HAWKS chant breaks out, with the words ringing probably for the first time up and down London Bridge. A passerby turns to his friend, and says sincerely, Whats a Seahawk? This is a spectacle some Londoners cant begin to understand. The 12s, though, are an unabashedly global group. In all, the Seahawks tout booster clubs in 55 locations, with more than 10,000 members. There are fans here from the United States, England, France, Scotland, Canada, Italy, Denmark, etc. The list goes on and on. Like the Clarkes, they all found something special in a city nearly 5,000 miles from London. They all have a Seahawks story. Here are just a few. Germany The Seahawks are Maximilian Langes hobby, not his job. Though his girlfriend might disagree. Lange who was born in Stuttgart, Germany, but lives in Switzerland adopted the team in 2008, shortly after visiting friends on a vacation in Oregon. He enrolled at the University of Oregon in 2013 and made the 280-mile drive north multiple times to attend Seahawks games. In 2014, right after the Super Bowl win, he founded the Seahawkers booster club in Germany. It started with 15 members paying 15 euros per year. That number has since rose to more than a thousand. In his free time, Lange who works in public relations organizes events and watch parties. This year, 30 members are flying to Seattle for the Sunday night game against San Francisco on Dec. 2. A membership also gets you a discount at the Seahawks pro shop and entry into the clubs many lucrative contests. You can win Skittles, Lange said with a laugh, referencing Raider running back Marshawn Lynchs favorite snack. There are more than 200 German Seahawks fans in London for Sundays game. Lange is one of them. Markus Bachmann is another. Further ahead in the line, Bachmann and three friends nurse beers and try hard to stay awake. They flew here from Nuremberg at 7 a.m. on Friday. He paid 200 euros the equivalent of $232 for a ticket. Bachmann has supported the team since 2012, when he watched a game with a friend and he was a Seahawks fan, so I decided to become a Seahawks fan. The next year, they won the Super Bowl. Now Bachmann routinely stays up until 2 a.m. to watch the games on his computer. Hes used to sacrificing sleep for the Seahawks, so this is nothing new. Still, not everyone sees the appeal. I think I spend too much time on (the booster club),...

Geheimnisverrat: Nord/LB schaltet die Justiz ein

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Die Veröffentlichung von internen Revisionsberichten der Norddeutschen Landesbank (Nord/LB) schlägt hohe Wellen. Im Landtag forderten Politiker der Opposition Aufklärung, die Bank selbst hat Strafanzeige erstattet. Möglicherweise hat ein Mitarbeiter die geheimen Informationen weitergegeben. Es wird aber auch über einen Zusammenhang mit den Gesprächen spekuliert, die das Land Niedersachsen derzeit mit privaten Investoren führt. Der NDR und die Süddeutsche Zeitung hatten Ergebnisse aus acht Berichten der bankinternen Revision veröffentlicht, die der Nord/LB erhebliche Mängel vor allem bei der Kontrolle der Schiffskredite attestieren. Er habe den Vorstandschef der Nord/LB gebeten, zeitnah einen Bericht zur Aufklärung des Sachverhalts vorzulegen, sagte Finanzminister Reinhold Hilbers (CDU) bei einer von den Grünen kurzfristig beantragten Debatte am Freitag im Landtag. Inhaltlich werde er sich nicht zu Prüfberichten äußern, erklärte Hilbers. Diese lägen dem Ministerium auch nicht vor. Hilbers ist zugleich Aufsichtsratschef der Bank. Bis zu drei Jahre Haft drohenDer Grünen-Abgeordnete Stefan W...

Assumption of 2019 is a holiday? What is the Festival? - Celeb's Net

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Almost all the States go at 15. August 2019 blank and must work - with only two exceptions. The complete Saarland is of the assumption a public holiday. And also in many Parts of Bavaria it is so. To a shortened work week can look forward to those who work in a city with a largely Catholic population. When in a Bavarian village more Protestants live as Catholics, there is the assumption, however, is not a holiday. Of the 2056 Bavarian municipalities, the 352 concerns. The definition is based on the results of the census in the year 2011. Thereafter, a legal holiday in the big cities of Munich, Augsburg, Würzburg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt is in 1704 by 2056 Bavarian municipalities of the assumption. A non-working day of the assumption is also for all the inhabitants of upper Bavaria and lower Bavaria. A holiday mood prevails in 96 per cent of the upper Palatinate, municipalities, and 87 percent of the Franconian cities and towns, while in large Parts of Central and upper Franconia normal working day. Where in Bavaria assumption of the virgin Mary a holiday? And if you live in Bavaria, and now are unsure of whether the assumption is a public holiday, or whether your municipality has a predominantly Catholic population? Also then you can be helped. On there's a handy search function to municipalities, so that everyone can easily check his place of residence. feast of the assumption: the meaning of the Christian Festival Catholics celebrate the holiday, which is officially called “the assumption of Mary“, with Church services and herbal blessings: It is to be blessed to bouquets tied herbs. In addition, there are numerous festive processions. Mary as Queen, which is taken up into heaven - an image that adorns countless churches, especially in Bavaria. feast of the assumption churches, the Catholic and the Orthodox is the highest celebration in honor of the mother of God. It is probably one...

King Ludwig's refuge: Rose Island on Lake Starnberg - Deutsche Welle

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rendezvous with the fairy-tale king Lake Starnberg and the Rose Island are famous as places of refuge to which Ludwig II regularly withdrew. On the then private island of the Bavarian royal house, he received only selected guests such as the Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna or the composer Richard Wagner. The most frequent visitor, however, was his cousin Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Let's block ads! (Why?)...

Grandpa Ott’s Fabulous Flowers -

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The seeds for the family’s prized vines were brought by Diane’s great-grandparents when they sailed across the Atlantic from Bavaria. Her grandfather, Grandpa Ott, nurtured the plants and taught Diane to save the seeds. In 1974 when Grandpa Ott passed on, Diane and her husband Ken were the only people in possession of his seeds. Diane and Ken are the founders of the Seed Savers Exchange. Their efforts have made Grandpa Ott’s morning glories an heirloom favorite.Morning glories are easy to grow. They like full sun, good drainage and amended soil. Easy on the fertilizer or you will have more plant than flowers. Plant in early spring after the last frost and your plants should thrive until the first winter frost.The easiest way to plant them is by seed. To achieve quick germination, use a nail file to file down a spot on the hard exterior and then soak the seeds in warm water overnight. Plant your seeds as per the package instructions at ½ inch depth, keeping the soil moist for both the seeds and the seedlings. The plants should germinate in 15 to 21 days.Morning glories love to climb. Arches, fences, trellises, poles, mailboxes, and other plants (including your tomato plants, she sighed) become a morning glory’s stairway to heaven. Assess your planting site and envision the vines using your neighbor’s Italian cypress as a step stool. It would be beautiful with those flowers popping out behind that foliage but the neighbor might not agree. Two things, different varieties vine at different lengths with Grandpa Ott’s at about 10 to 12 feet. Secondly, if you don’t like them in that spot they are easy to pull out. Small root systems just slide right out of moist soil.There is an old walnut tree on Albers Road outside of Hughson that is covered with light blue-colored morning glories. It is a sight to behold. Patriotic displays are easy to achieve using red, white, and blue morning glories planted together. Awesome for a...

A German village goes it alone on climate protection - DW (English)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The local grocery store in Grafenaschau looks like most other buildings in the tiny Bavarian village. It has a large pitched roof with broad eaves and is half timber, half stone. The style is as typical as lederhosen, wheat beer and white sausage in this particular part of Germany. "It's Alpine but not 'yodel style.' We didn't want it to be really over-the-top Bavarian," jokes Hubert Mangold, as he heartily greets people on his way into the store. He's diplomatically referring to kitschier houses with brightly painted shutters, where everything's just a bit too much. But it's not just the style of the building that reflects the strong sense of custom and regional identity in the southern German state of Bavaria. Most of the products on offer are from nearby and are produced organically using traditional methods. Dressed casually in denim shorts and a plaid shirt, Mangold, who is the local mayor, points out locally sourced "hay-milk," schnapps and liquor from a nearby distillery, regional, in-season fruit and vegetables, and "in demand" traditionally milled flour. "We...