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Weimar and Thuringia proclaim Bach's greatness - Turkey Telegraph

Friday, April 13, 2018

Buchenwald.More informationInexhaustible KurtágNo trap, no cardboardIn Thuringia, March 21 is also synonymous, at least according to Julian calendar n still in force, of day when Johann Sebastian Bach was born in nearby locality of Eisenach. In radius of a few kilometres you can visit several of places where he lived: Ohrdruf, where he went to live with his older bror after his parents died; Arnstadt, his first professional destination as organist, and where Neue Kirche (new Church) has been renamed Bach, almost as if it were a saint; Mühlhausen, where he composed his first cantatas. And, of course, Weimar, for whose dukes he worked as a court musician, organist and finally Concertino for a few months from 1703 and between 1708 and 1717, a few crucial years for his personal and professional life. He contracted his first marriage very close to here, in small church of Dornheim, and in Weimar his first sons were born, among m Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel.All se places, and capital of state, Erfurt, where was born Maria Elisabeth Lämmerhirt, mor of Johann Sebastian, and place of residence of an important family branch of Bach, are seat of hundred and half of concerts that offer since this start-up ( orist) of spring Thüringer Bachwochen, Bach weeks of Thuringia. More than one hundred, all free, will be held in afternoon-Friday night distributed by 39 localities of region, in private homes, what y call here "Long night of music in houses". Most of rest have historical buildings, such as Castle of Wartburg, Patmos that served as a refuge for Lur and where he translated into German New Testament, or wonderful Georgenkirche, also in Eisenach, in which Bach was baptized.Nothing would be possible without complicity of musicians who capitalize on ir share of responsibility and who ended up literally exhaustedThe inaugural concert at Weimarhalle was reserved for passion according to San Mateo, first sung and directed by Mark Padmore. From second participle re was no visible news, although, as baritone Roderick Williams finished work, it is British tenor who burdens with all weight of work (and story that counts) on his shoulders.Padmore is located in center of stage as a member of quartet soloist of first chorus, facing pub...

Penny Launches Transitional Organic Fruit And Veg Range - ESM - The European Supermarket Magazine

Friday, April 13, 2018

Junior Helden apples was the first product launched today for the price of €2.99 per kilo in Penny stores across federal states, excluding Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.The initiative is targeted at producers who are transitioning their farming practices to organic standards, according to Penny.Organic TransitionIn Germany, farmers have to adapt organic practices for a period of a few years before they are allowed to use the official organic label on their products.The Junior-Helden products will come at a slightly higher price than regular fresh produce, but cheaper than organic, in order to help farmers offset the financial burden of this transition phase.“Simply put, the effort to adapt organic farming practices gets larger, while the product becomes smaller,” said Patricia Brunn, Penney head of fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. “We frequently hear from farmers that they would like to transition from conventional to organic farming but that the financial risk is too high.”Financial Incentive“With the Naturgut Junior-Helden we’ve created a concrete financial incentive by paying farmers more for their produce during the transition period,” Brunn continues. “For apples, the price is 26% higher. However, only a small part of this premium will be felt by the consumer, so that won't stop Naturgut Junior-Helden from becoming a popular alternative...

German police: child killing from 1991 solved, suspect held - ABC News

Thursday, March 15, 2018

German police have arrested a 65-year-old man on suspicion of sexually abusing and killing a young girl in the eastern state of Thuringia almost three decades ago. The case of 10-year-old Stephanie Drews was one of several unsolved child killings re-examined by a special police task force in recent years. Police and prosecutors said Tuesday the suspect, a truck driver, was arrested Sunday in Berlin and has made a partial confession. According to MDR television he was previously convicted for sexually abusing children. Stephanie's body was found below the 'Devil's Valley Bridge' about 40 kilometers east of her hometown of Weimar in August 1991. A televised appeal last year prompted a witness to come forward who remembered a partial license plate for a van spotted on the bridge.

Porcelain place card holders likely worth less than those made of glass - Santa Maria Times

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The pieces belonging to L.L.C. were made in the German town of Plaue, which is located in Thuringia in central Germany. The manufacturer was established in 1817 under the name C.G. Schierholz & Sohn Porcelain Manufactory Plaue. In about 1900, the family was knighted and the name of the company changed slightly to Von Schierholz’s Porcelain Manufactory Plaue.The marks on the place card holders indicate the pieces were made sometime after 1907, but probably before the 1920s. They were probably a wedding gift to L.L.C.’s aunt, and the early 1900s date is probably correct, though it’s a bit vague.The decoration is generally called “applied flowers” — large pink roses and smaller blue flowers that may be intended to be cornflowers. The pink roses may be symbols of happiness, while the cornflowers are one of the national symbols of Germany and may represent hope and beauty.Applied floral decorations, such as the ones found on the place card holders, are often associated with porcelain made in the town of Dresden. But many other German manufacturers located in a variety of other cities used the technique as well. The decorations are very delicate, and it is unusual to find examples that do not have chips to petals and petals that are missing altogether.We notice some of these problems in the photos, but nothing that is too unsightly. Unfortunately, a set of 12 of these would probably have a fair market value of less than $100, and we have found some sets that sold for much less.