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Arrest made in connection with explosion near Borussia Dortmund team bus - USA TODAY

Friday, August 11, 2017

USA TODAY SportsForensic experts examined the site in Dortmund, Germany, after the team bus of German soccer team Borussia Dortmund was hit by three explosions.(Photo: SASCHA STEINBACH, EPA)One of the two suspects in Tuesday’s attack that left a Borussia Dortmund player injured was arrested, German federal prosecutors announced on Wednesday.Prosecutors said the two suspects have Islamist links, and authorities sought a warrant for the other individual thought to have had a role in the three explosions --- which included metal strips to inflict more damage  --- before a UEFA Champions League soccer quarterfinal between Borussia Dortmund and AS Monaco.Defender Marc Bartra fractured his wrist in the attack. Two letters taking credit for the attack were being examined by German authorities, although prosecutors said they have “considerable doubts” about the authenticity of one of the letters that came from a left-wing extremist group.Police said the explosions occurred shortly after 7 p.m. local time Tuesday and the game was postponed. The game was rescheduled for 6:45 local time (12:45 p.m. ET) on Wednesday.Officials announced that backpacks would be banned, and fans were encouraged to arrive to the stadium early.“We do not just play for us today,” Borussia D...

Anna Louise Stibor, 1920-2017 - Tehachapi News

Friday, February 3, 2017

Elena Maria; Uta, her daughter and son-in-law, Larry Considine; Brent Considine, her grandson, and his wife, Arti; two great-grandchildren, Neil Considine and Anika Considine; her sister, Emilie Steinbach; and her sister-in-law, Dr. Tat’ana Zahradnikova. She will be greatly missed by numerous relatives and friends. The family would like to thank Hoffmann Hospice for their kindness and care during her final days. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations in Ann Lou’s name to: Boys Town, 200 Flanagan Blvd, P.O. Box 6000, Boys Town, NE 68010-9988. Wood Family Funeral Service has been entrusted with her care. For condolences, please visit

Real trees, elegance and collectibles fill couple's home at the holidays - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Friday, January 20, 2017

Throughout the house there are also unique holiday accent pieces as well as sets of collectibles. On a window sill in the family room there’s a collection of Steinbach Nutcrackers from Germany, and on a table behind their sofa a large Santa that was custom-made by an artist in Illinois stands alongside reindeer and a collection of Hallmark Light and Motion pieces. “The Hallmark pieces are a series,” said Michelle. “They all play music or talk. When you play one the others all blink their lights in sync. They come out with a new one every year.” There are also a nearly life-size Santa and a fluffy white reindeer they named Snowflake accenting a corner in the family room and hand-carved and hand-painted Santas made from bass wood on an end table. The mantle on their wood-burning fireplace is covered with thick garland in gold, bronze and copper with deep copper-colored ornaments. “It’s very heavy,” said Mark. “When we take it off, it’s in one piece, and we have what we call a body bag to store it in.” Similar garland also accents the stairway, a sconce in their foyer and their first-floor bathroom mirror. These pieces all make their home look festive and unique, but what really makes it stand out are the accent pieces Michelle sews and embroiders that are set throughout the house. She is an interior decorator; he works in engineering sales. For their living room she made a gold-sequined runner as well as a red runner made of a glittery red fabric enhanced with a sparkly ribbon and crystals. On the sofas and chairs in the living room and family room she made pillows with layers of different kinds of fabrics that are then enhanced with fringe and/or beading. Some are embroidered with holiday messages, while others just add sparkle. Their dining room table has crisscross runners in a holiday design, and a gold beaded runner she made for a kitchen countertop is used as a base for a holiday scene that includes a little sleigh that holds candy; this she made on one of her two embroidery machines. “I always say I live in a world of pretty,” said Michelle. “It’s in me to make these kinds of accent pieces, and it makes me happy to have them in our house. It also makes our home look more festive and cozier during the holidays.” The couple recently talked about their holiday decorations. Q. What are some of the other pieces you’ve sewed or embroidered for the holidays? Michelle: I’ve made ornaments with my embroidering machine, fabric tea light covers in different designs and hand towels for the kitchen and bathroom. In the first-floor bathroom I bought black towels and then embroidered Christmas trees on them. Then I added 6 inches of holiday fabric and a tassel fringe at the bottom. A small hand towel was also embroidered with the word “Noel.” For the towels in the kitchen I embroidered the same recipe on both of them. It’s for nutcracker spiced pecans. Q. Are animals a big part of your decorations? You have a lot of them. Mark:  Yes. There are animals under the trees, on the trees and throu...

German teachers fined for treating wasp sting with heated fork - DW (English)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Two teachers at a school in the western German state of Hesse were fined for causing bodily harm with their questionable home remedy for a student's wasp sting. The incident occurred during a school trip to a youth hostel in the neighboring state of Rhineland-Palatinate in May 2017, when a 14-year-old student was stung by a wasp. In response, a 39-year-old male teacher heated the handle of a fork with a lighter and pressed it on the boy's hand where he'd been stung. After a blister formed, another 40-year-old female teacher cut it open and treated the wound with cream. The student's lawyer said that as a result of the sting, the boy had to wear a protective glove for a considerable period of time. The German daily Bild reported that the boy's hand became infected and that he wasn't able to attend an internship as a result. A district court in Cochem fined the male teacher €2,700 ($3,160) for causing bodily harm. The female teacher was fined €2,500 ($2,900) for both assisting and causing bodily harm to the student. The decision was...

Germany’s new Green divide -

Saturday, December 8, 2018

In one of Germanys most prosperous states, the Greens won 18 percent of the vote and became the second-largest party. It then achieved a similar feat in the neighboring state of Hesse, where it won 20 percent of the vote. It remains to be seen whether the party will be able to cement its support and become the champion of Germanys cosmopolitan-liberal camp for years to come. In early November, the Greens overtook the rapidly deflating SPD in nationwide opinion polls. One survey put the partys support at 24 percent, just three points below that of Chancellor Angela Merkels Christian Democratic Union. In a snap election, such a result would establish the Greens as Germanys largest left-wing force an enormous leap for the once marginal party. Buoyed by these recent successes, Greens from across Europe are gathering in Berlin this weekend to rev up their campaign for next May's European Parliament election. In the minds of many German voters, the Greens have established themselves as the polar opposite of the AfD and those who adopt a similar rhetoric. I didnt have to think about it very long, it was crystal clear, says Doris Langer, 45, of her decision to vote Green in the Bavarian election. The communications specialist from Munich used to think of herself as largely apolitical and has voted for various center-left and center-right parties in the past. But when Bavarias ruling Christian Social Union, the CDUs sister party, shifted rightward particularly on migration, a subject she cares about deeply Langer saw the Greens as her only option. They are the only ones who have a liberal refugee policy, she says. Merkels sentence from 2015, that ‘We can do it, the Greens are the only ones who take it seriously. * * * The Green surge could not have happened without the collapse of the SPD. In the birthplace of social democracy, the SPD held out longer than likeminded parties in other places in Europe. But its decline reaches back decades. In a way, social democracy became a victim of its own success. The SPD is Germanys oldest existing party. Since taking on its current name in 1890, it has dipped below 20 percent in nationwide elections only once, in 1933; the party was banned by the new Nazi government shortly after. After the war, the SPD became Germanys leading left-wing force, locked in a battle with the center-right Christian Democratic Union. After abandoning its Marxist tenets in 1959, drawing up plans to reform rather than abolish capitalism, the party gradually expanded beyond its working-class roots. Reinvented, the party attracted centrist and middle-class voters, leading to a series of SPD victories in the 1970s. Back in opposition in the 1980s and 90s, the party led regional governments in several states. The SPD governed once more between 1998 and 2005, together with the Greens. (As junior coalition partners, the Greens were weaker and less influential than now; this seven-year period was their first and so far only time in power.) But even in the SPDs 1970s heyday, its core base was already eroding. The structure of Germanys economy was changing, and with it the countrys workers. img class="wp-image-981725 size-ev-full-width"...

Elvis Presley traffic lights appear in German town of Friedberg - DW (English)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Why is he there? Presley had a strong connection with Friedberg, a town of around 28,000 inhabitants, located 26 kilometers (16 miles) north of Frankfurt in the state of Hesse. Read more: Without Africans in North America, we would never have had Elvis Presley He was stationed there from October 1958 until March 1960 while serving as a soldier in the US Army. He lived in nearby Bad Nauheim. Elvis Presley in his US Army uniform while stationed in Friedberg It was there he met his future wife, Priscilla Beaulieu, whom he married after a seven-year relationship. Both towns are keen to make sure no one forgets "the King," who died in 1977, or their connections to him. While Friedberg first switched on the new traffic lights on Wednesday, Bad Nauheim holds the 'European Elvis Festival' and is planning a bronze statue of him. Flowers and pictures of Elvis left at his memorial in Bad Nauheim Bad Nauheim has long been a site of pilgrimage for Elvis' fans, and people lay candles, flowers and gifts for him. A little more action According to Götz, it took three months for the police to give the go-ahead and then a local graphic designer to send his ideas to the manufacturer. However, the work appears to have paid off, with the Wetterauer Zeitung reporting positive reviews. "Good idea," "witty," "something a little different," were some of the reactions. One person added, "I did wonder about it, but as always I crossed on green." Following a trend Transforming traffic lights has become something of a trend in Germany. The most famous are the Ampelmännchen in Berlin. Created in 1961 in what was then East Berlin, they now appear all over the united capital. The city of Augsburg now has the Kasperl puppet character in a pointed hat, Mainz has its own Mainzelmännchen, Bonn has Beethoven traffic lights...

Flower-Power für Bayern

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ouml;ko-Partei - und das längst nicht nur in Bayern. Ein Blick in die bundesweiten Umfragen: Auf Bundesebene bis zu 18 Prozent, nach nur 8,9 Prozent bei der Bundestagswahl im Herbst; in Hessen, wo Ende Oktober gewählt wird, 18 Prozent; in Nordrhein-Westfalen, wo sie letzten Sommer mit 6,4 Prozent aus der Regierung flogen, 17 Prozent. Längst werden die Grünen als mögliche neue Volkspartei gehandelt. Und immer wieder wird der Erfolg vor allem einem zugeschrieben - Shootingstar Robert Habeck, 49, Parteichef und Publikumsmagnet. Der Schleswig-Holsteiner tourt seit Tagen durch Bayern und veröffentlicht im Netz nicht nur Bilder von sich beim Bügeln und beim Fitnesstraining, sondern vor allem von vielen Menschen, die zu seinen Veranstaltungen kommen, reden und zuhören wollen. Was in Bayern passiere sei eine „Frischluftzufuhr für die Demokratie, schreibt er, und meint damit, dass die Alleinherrschaft der CSU wackelt. Für Habeck und Co-Parteichefin Annalena Baerbock ist diese Wahl wichtig, denn es ist die erste, seit die beiden im Januar auf Cem Özdemir und Simone Peter folgten. Seitdem arbeiten sie daran, den Grünen ein harmonisches, optimistisches, fröhliches Image zu verpassen. Scheinbar mit Erfolg, jedenfalls sehen die Umfragen danach aus. Dass mit Dieselkrise, Klimawandel und Braunkohle-Streit Ökothemen Hochkonjunktur haben, dürfte ihnen dabei zugute kommen. „Die neue SPD, „die neue Volkspartei - solche Labels werden den Grünen nun schon eine Weile verpasst. Das Spitzenpersonal genießt das offensichtlich, der schlimme Kater nach dem Platzen der Jamaika-Verhandlungen im Bund mit Union und FDP ist überstanden. Aber wenn es in Bayern wirklich glänzend läuft, könnte das auch Probleme bringen - Koalitionsverhandlungen der beiden Lieblingsfeinde CSU und Grüne hätten es in sich. Ausgeschlossen sind sie trotzdem nicht, wenn es für CSU und Freie Wähler - eventuell n...