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Dead gardener left booby traps behind to target his enemies, German police warn - Fox News

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Authorities in Germany are warning anyone who may have had a conflict with a recently deceased gardener to be on the lookout, after an apparent set of booby-trapped bombs left one dead and two hurt.Rhineland-Palatinate Police said in a news release that gardener Bernhard Graumann, 59, was found dead in his bed in Mehlinhen, near Kaiserslautern in west Germany, on Friday night.Earlier that day, a 64-year-old doctor in a nearby town was found dead in front of his practice after an explosion. Police believe the bomb may have been in a package that was left in front of the office as part of a "booby trap" which the doctor picked up, triggering the blast.MAN ADMITS KILLING AIRBNB GUEST AT AUSTRALIA HOME OVER UNPAID $149 BILLTwo days later, an "explosive-engineered log" exploded in a wood-burning stove at a home about five miles from where Graumann lived, according to police. A woman and her 4-year-old daughter were injured in that blast. Police in Germany are warning anyone who may have had a conflict with a recently deceased doctor to be on the lookout for booby traps. (iStock)Police said all three had been known to Graumann, who either had a "personal or business" connec...https://www.foxnews.com/world/dead-german-gardener-suspected-of-planting-trail-of-bombs-as-revenge-plot-against-neighbors

German teachers fined for treating wasp sting with heated fork - DW (English)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Hesse were fined for causing bodily harm with their questionable home remedy for a student's wasp sting. The incident occurred during a school trip to a youth hostel in the neighboring state of Rhineland-Palatinate in May 2017, when a 14-year-old student was stung by a wasp. In response, a 39-year-old male teacher heated the handle of a fork with a lighter and pressed it on the boy's hand where he'd been stung. After a blister formed, another 40-year-old female teacher cut it open and treated the wound with cream. The student's lawyer said that as a result of the sting, the boy had to wear a protective glove for a considerable period of time. The German daily Bild reported that the boy's hand became infected and that he wasn't able to attend an internship as a result. A district court in Cochem fined the male teacher €2,700 ($3,160) for causing bodily harm. The female teacher was fined €2,500 ($2,900) for both assisting and causing bodily harm to the student. The decision was made last Thursday, a court spokesperson said, adding that the judgement is not yet final, as a timeline for appealing the decision has not yet passed. All about the birds and the bees... As sweet as honey They are the pollination super stars...https://www.dw.com/en/german-teachers-fined-for-treating-wasp-sting-with-heated-fork/a-45505055

The motorist is so drunk he falls asleep in front of traffic light - The Crypto Coin Discovery

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The remaining students were picked up by their parents. Montabaur: eleven-year-old, An eleven-year-old dies while Playing on bus depot the Play on a depot in Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate killed. The Boy was crushed by the tire of a 200-pound tractor, as the police announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the accident occurred on Sunday afternoon. The Boy was playing alone at the depot, while his mother, in the interior of the building was. After a preliminary investigation, the police the Boy tried to climb on to the workshop leaning against the tire. In this case, the order apparently fell and buried the boy. The mother managed together with the witnesses, the Eleven-year-old to pull out from under the tire. The Boy was taken to a hospital, succumbed, however, on Monday evening from his injuries. Starnberg: Unknown shoots to 13-Year-old In Starnberg, southwest of Munich, an Unknown shot with an air rifle at a 13-year-old boy. As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” with reference to police data reports, had played the Boy together with a friend in the District of Söcking with a scooter. According to the report, would have the Boy suddenly felt a burning pain. The reason: He had been hit by an air gun projectile on the thigh. Together with his mother, he discovered in the basement later on the scene. The Teenager remained in the incident virtually unharmed. The alerted police against the unknown to Protect because of dangerous bodily injury. It have sich a targeted shot, acted, and also missiles from over-the-counter air-pressure weapons could lead to serious injuries, the report said. balmy Hagen: hunters may be accidental shot on joggers not mor...https://www.ccdiscovery.com/the-motorist-is-so-drunk-he-falls-asleep-in-front-of-traffic-light

'Little Britain' in Germany's Rhine region lives on borrowed time - DW (English)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Second thoughts about becoming German Last year Blackburn bought and installed a 52-ton British tank. That drew national and some international attention. It was briefly an issue in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament. His immediate neighbors complained, telling local media the exhibition was tasteless and that it put off clients at their consultancy next door. They were unwilling to speak to DW about it. "I put the tank there as a monument to freedom and peace," Blackburn says. "People shouldn't forget about things." The tank is decorated with poppies and doves and flanked by large posters of the famous World War I poem "In Flanders Fields" in the original English and German. Mr. Bean and his Mini are parked at the start of the forest trail Blackburn apparently needs a permit for the tank because it is stationary and is not recognized officially as a memorial. He did find a company that would build a motor for the tank that he could run using solar power from his house. That would make the tank mobile and eliminate that permit problem. But it doesn't take care of the rest of the exhibition: Before he began erecting the pavilion, huts, vehicles and statues in 2016, he was supposed to submit a plan to the authorities for approval. Blackburn is distraught. "I was going to get dual nationality," he says. "It makes me want to change my mind. I've got all the paperwork, but it's still on the table." 'Play by the rules' There is, however, hope for Little Britain. Locals have rallied to defend it. A man from a nearby town launched a petition in mid-July, calling for the clearance order to be withdrawn. It garnered more than a thousand signatures within days and has since been submitted to the district administrator and the local mayor, whose council stands behind the clearance order. The petition has no binding consequences, but it does show that many of Blackburn's neighbors want Little Britain to stay. Hikers who have climbed from the valley below can have a rest on one the many benches in 'Little Britain' In the meantime, the Blackburn family has managed to get the deadline to shutter Little Britain postponed until mid-September. The next step is a meeting that the district administrator, Achim Hallerbach, set up to bring together Blackburn and the mayor. "The tank, using the property from the municipality, the row with the neighbors, misinformation, custodianship so much has come together," says Hallerbach. Blackburn and the mayor need to sit down and talk, he stresses. Little Britain...https://www.dw.com/en/little-britain-in-germanys-rhine-region-lives-on-borrowed-time/a-44907634