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Saxony-Anhalt has many professional florists. Halle and Magdeburg are the largest cities in Saxony-Anhalt and destination for many flower deliveries.

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Death of German fuels fears of far-right violence in Köthen - DW (English)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The mood in the suburban playground in Köthen on Monday morning was a mixture of sadness, tension and hostility toward the press. A small number of locals in the town in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt came by, some with flowers to add to those that had collected around a tree near an empty climbing frame. This was the spot where a fight broke out on Saturday between two Afghan men and Markus B., which resulted in the 22-year-old German's death in hospital. By the evening, the area was a hive of activity. Köthen's police force, reinforced from across Germany, had much to contend with, when three gatherings took place within a few hundred meters of each other. First, the church in the central square held a small memorial prayer for Markus B., though Pastor Martin Olejnicki also used a brief sermon to call for peace in the city on what promised to be a nervy evening. That sentiment was shared by Saxony-Anhalt State Premier Reiner Haseloff, who attended the service along with about a hundred Köthen residents, who lined up to light a candle for the dead man. Outside the church, Haseloff told reporters that "I hope it will be a peaceful evening tonight, and that th...

Germany's churches warn against upsurge in racism

Thursday, September 13, 2018

People place flowers and candles in a playground where a 22-year-old man died in an argument between two groups of men in Saxony-Anhalt, Köthen, Sept. 9. (Photo by Sebastian Willnow/DPA/picture-alliance/MaxPPP) Germany is holding its breath. On the night of Saturday Sept. 8 to Sunday Sept. 9 a young German died in a fight in Köthen, a town in Saxony-Anhalt (former East Germany) and two Afghan suspects were arrested. Like the countrys political leaders, German churches raised their voices to pre-empt any temptation of violence less than two weeks after the painful events in Chemnitz. Seizing this opportunity to stir up anger and hate against foreigners or those who think differently from us, or using violence against them is too reprehensible, Bishop Gerhard Feige of Magdebourg (Saxony-Anhalt) said in a statement circulated on social media networks. A state governed by the rule of law needs to seek ways to preempt or at least limit aggression, to promote integration and make social transformation peaceful, argued the bishop, adding that this was a responsibility shared by all citizens. Caution and discernment are necessary, he said. Let us not live and act contrary to our dignity. Caution and discernment The pres...

Penny Launches Transitional Organic Fruit And Veg Range - ESM - The European Supermarket Magazine

Friday, April 13, 2018

Junior Helden apples was the first product launched today for the price of €2.99 per kilo in Penny stores across federal states, excluding Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.The initiative is targeted at producers who are transitioning their farming practices to organic standards, according to Penny.Organic TransitionIn Germany, farmers have to adapt organic practices for a period of a few years before they are allowed to use the official organic label on their products.The Junior-Helden products will come at a slightly higher price than regular fresh produce, but cheaper than organic, in order to help farmers offset the financial burden of this transition phase.“Simply put, the effort to adapt organic farming practices gets larger, while the product becomes smaller,” said Patricia Brunn, Penney head of fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. “We frequently hear from farmers that they would like to transition from conventional to organic farming but that the financial risk is too high.”Financial Incentive“With the Naturgut Junior-Helden we’ve created a concrete financial incentive by paying farmers more for their produce during the transition period,” Brunn continues. “For apples, the price is 26% higher. However, only a small part of this premium will be felt by the consumer, so that won't stop Naturgut Junior-Helden from becoming a popular alternative.”“Basically, the products have an organic q...

15 police officers injured in mob riot in Magdeburg, Germany - eTurboNews

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The crowd threw bottles and stones in “a massive and targeted attack” that injured fifteen officers, local police said.The rampage began on Friday night at around 2:00am local time, state police of Saxony-Anhalt said in a statement.Police officers who arrived at Magdeburg’s Hasselbach Square were bullied, offended, and threatened by a mob of 150 people, who began throwing stones and bottles at the reinforcements.One officer received severe head injuries, while another fourteen officers were lightly injured, police added.The mob hurled paving stones while knocking over rubbish bins and flower pots, prompting police to dispatch 110 officers to quell the rampage.It took hours before police managed to get the situation under control because reinforcements from the nearby town of Halle arrived later than expected, Bild reported. The police statement said seven assailants were taken into custody by morning.Share this:Like this:LikeLoading...